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Why are we obsessed with Summer?

Why are we obsessed with Summer?



Why are we obsessed with Summer? 

It’s a questions I’ve been asking myself these past few months and with the weather getting colder here in the UK – I keep thinking, why are we all so obsessed with summer?

Everyone now knows that here in the UK most of our conversations revolve around the weather, whether it’s cold and raining or sunny and ‘hot’ it somehow manages to work it’s way into the convo….

Why are we obsessed with Summer? – Is it the Sun?

Is it?

Is it purely the beautiful sunshine glaring at you from the blue skies or is it the feeling of sunshine on your skin?

Not only is this great for your body and bones (your body makes Vitamin D in the sun) but it also makes you feel happier and energetic – ready to face the day!

Think about it, when you go into stores on rainy days, most people tend to be miserable when they greet you however when it’s sunny outside, it’s a different story – think about that!

Why are we obsessed with Summer? Relaxation…

I put summer + holidays together which equals relaxation (for me)!

Even if I’m not by the beach, I still manage to relax more in the summer….even if it’s going for a little walk and grabbing an iced coffee from a local store – it makes things a lot better.

Why are we obsessed with Summer? Why?

So, why are we all so obsessed with Summer?

I love the summer and I mean proper summer, you know the one – where you can actually feel the heat in the air!

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There’s nothing better than relaxing by the sea in the summer sunshine, an iced-cold drink in one hand and the sea right in front of you – pure bliss!!

(Saying that though – I love extremes so I like the Winter too but ONLY when there’s loads of snow!)

I would love to hear what you all think about this – do you love summer as much as me (and the nation)…..why do YOU think we’re so obsessed with the summer season?

Thoughts! 🙂


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