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PR Samples

Sprinkles of Style is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle publication which features a variety of content – including PR Samples which are sent or gifted by brands and companies to be considered for a review on the website.

Any items that have been sent and are featured on the website will be mentioned in the disclaimer section underneath the post – making readers aware that the item has been gifted by a brand.

All the opinions which are expressed on Sprinkles of Style are 100% honest – Layla and the team believe that honesty is key and will always remain that way.


In keeping with the UK legislation, advertising which uses cookies on Sprinkles of Style will hold an AdChoices arrow on the corner.

You can opt out of cookie tracking if you wish.

What Are Cookies?

Cookies may be yummy but in the technology world – they’re actually small pieces of information which are sent to your computers hard drive whilst viewing a website.


The advertising banners which you can see on Sprinkles of Style are supplied through a number of networks and digital platforms, supplying advertising to an approved digital partner.

On some occasions, banners will use marketing cookies which will show you adverts that you may be interested in. The tracking system is anonymised and does not know who you are – it just uses limited information to show the relevant adverts to you.

Control Over Cookies

You have complete control over cookies – it’s easy to accept or decline cookies in your web browser however this may negatively impact your experience which using the site. Cookies can easily be removed or declined by changing your web browser settings.

Content On Sprinkles of Style

All the content and photography on Sprinkles of Style is under copyright – if anyone would like to use anything from the site, please feel free to get in touch. (Contact Us)

On occasions, we use photography from other sources however this is all mentioned and linked in the relevant posts.

Affiliate & Banners

Sprinkles of Style contains advertising banners and affiliate links. Everything is disclosed and supplied through our digital networks which we partner with.

For advertising or brand collaborations please click here.

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