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Gelateria Cafe: Mucca – Nea Erythrea

Gelateria Cafe: Mucca – Nea Erythrea


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Gelateria Cafe: Mucca - Nea Erythrea 

It's time to sit back and relax with a cup of coffee as Layla is back with a brand new post and this time, she's writing about Mucca - a cafe / gelateria which makes the best waffles, crepes and ice cream in the area of Nea Erythrea, Greece. 

Next time, you're on holiday - make sure you visit as you won't be disappointed! 🙂

Gelateria Cafe: Mucca - Nea Erythrea

For me, one of the most important things about a cafe (or restaurant) is the quality they provide and when visiting Nea Erythrea in Greece - I came across a lovely cafe called Mucca. 

Mucca is an authentic gelateria which makes their ice cream and desserts FRESH in their store - daily. Waffles, crepes are made when you order, arriving hot, fresh and just scrumptious! 

My first visit at the cafe was in the evening, it's tucked away from the main road slightly however (as you'll be able to see in the images below) looks oh-so-pretty as the seating area is decorated with fairy lights making the whole place look Instagram perfect. 

Not knowing what to expect, I went in the cafe and was overwhelmed at all the ice cream choices! 

Ranging from vanilla, parfait chocolate, cookies and cream to fruit sorbets and fruit-flavoured ice cream (made with real fruit) - I opted for parfait cream which was served in a cone bowl and yes - that's also made in the cafe! 🙂

Some tables are wooden, some tables are marble so it's quirky and great for pictures! 


Gelateria Cafe: Mucca - Nea Erythrea

The photo doesn't actually show how much ice cream was served - you all know that I LOVE my desserts and have such a sweet-tooth however, the serving was a lot and I could have easily shared the ice cream and there would have been enough! 🙂

You can really tell when a cafe makes an effort with the quality it serves and this ice cream was absolutely delicious! 

In the parfait cream ice cream which I selected, there was also dried fruit and a sour-cherry (not sour) syrup which complimented everything perfectly. 

Gelateria Cafe: Mucca - Nea Erythrea Staff 

One thing which I'd like to add to the post is that the staff at Mucca are absolutely lovely! 

Everyone was more than happy to help - in the seating area, all the outdoor warmers were turned on to make sure we were comfortable and warm and when I asked about the different Ice Creams, I was given samples to try so I could select what I wanted. 

Even after I ordered, the staff said if I didn't enjoy it, they would be happy to change ice cream to something else - going out of the way to make sure their customers are happy when visiting their cafe and more often than not, that makes all the difference

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Gelateria Cafe: Mucca - Nea Erythrea - Hot Chocolate

Since my first visit, I've been back to the cafe many times and one other thing which I have to mention is their HOT CHOCOLATE - it's the best in the area, seriously - it's just that good. 

I've never had such a creamy hot chocolate (not even in the UK) - it must be made with actual chocolate and is perfect to have on a cold evening or when you fancy something sweet.

The coffee at Mucca is just as nice and if you ask for a Nescafe or Cappuccino - both are served with a sweet-cream froth/foam.


Mucca is such a lovely gelateria cafe with staff that are always on-hand to help and always happy to see you. You won't be disappointed with anything from Mucca as there's such a variety of things to choose from with new additions being added to their menu, all-year-round. 

Creamy hot chocolate, lovely coffee and fresh ice-cream - I recommend Mucca 100% and I cannot wait to read all your lovely comments! 🙂

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