Food and Drink

Easy to make, food and drink recipes for all of the family to enjoy!


Costa Spring Menu 2020

The Spring menu is here and it features a pink hot chocolate too!


Nando’s Launch VEGAN PERInaise!

All in time for Veganuary!


Easy Vegan Cookie Recipe

One of the easiest (and healthiest) vegan cookie recipes!

vegan-custard-pie-recipe-Vegan Custard Pie Recipe-Galaktoboureko-γαλακτομπουρεκο

Vegan Custard Pie Recipe (Galaktoboureko)

A delicious vegan custard pie / vegan galaktoboureko recipe.


Starbucks Tie Dye Frappuccino – Get It While You Can!

Its only available for a few days…..


Recipe: Easy Vegan Pancakes

The easiest vegan pancakes you’ll make!


Recipe: 5 Vegetarian Recipes For The Whole Family

5 recipes for the whole family to enjoy!


Recipe: Vegan Sweetcorn and Olive Fritters

The EASIEST vegan sweetcorn and olive fritters – so delicious, you’ll make another batch!


Recipe: The BEST Vegan Hot Chocolate

Yep, here you’ll find the BEST vegan hot chocolate recipe – give it a go, you’ll love it!


Recipe: The Best and Easiest Mulled Wine Recipe

The best mulled wine recipe – it’s so good, you’ll be making another batch!


The First-Ever Hello Kitty Cafe Opens

The Hello Kitty Cafe – It’s open and you can see all the details right here!


Jaffa Cake Cocktails – Things are getting festive!

Jaffa Cake Cocktails – They’re a thing and they’ll be available on the high street soon….


The Benefits of Avocado Toast

The Benefits of Avocado Toast – We’re discussing the benefits and why this is a great breakfast / snack option.


Minnie Mouse Champagne Cocktail – The Drink Disney Fans Are Going Crazy For!

Minni Mouse Champagne Cocktail – The drink which Disney fans are going CRAZY for! See it right here!


Interior Envy: Upping Your Dinner Party Game

Interior Envy: Upping Your Dinner Party Game – The Sprinkles of Style team is back with a brand new post, all about how to ‘up’ your dinner party game for your guests…


Gelateria Cafe: Mucca – Nea Erythrea

Gelateria Cafe: Mucca – Nea Erythrea – Check out Layla’s latest cafe review from Greece!


Noel Athens: The Holiday Bar

Noel Athens: The Holiday Bar – The ultimate hot spot in Athens where the love for Christmas never ends!