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Things To Know About Ear Surgery

Things To Know About Ear Surgery


Things To Know About Ear Surgery

This is a Collaborative Post

Here at Sprinkles of Style, none of us have had any form of surgery however, it's a big thing at the moment.

We're no experts on the matter however this is a collaborative post which has been written by specialists so you may find some of the information useful if you're planning surgery at some stage.

Things To Know About Ear Surgery

Ear surgery or Otoplasty is a procedure which is used to provide a symmetrical shape to both ears. Patients tend to want to reshape their ears because of their dissatisfaction with the current shape or size of their ears and can benefit from this procedure.

Otoplasty also includes the reduction of the ear and the earlobe - removing any excess cartilage or skin.

Can Ear Surgery / Otoplasty Change The Facial Appearance?

There are people who are born with ears that make them unhappy with their facial structure.

The good thing is that Otoplasty (ear plastic surgery) is available as it helps to reconstruct and change the aesthetic appearance of your ears. Again, for this to be successful - you'll need to have an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon to work with.

When done right, the procedure can improve the overall facial symmetry of a patient which will help them to build their confidence if it's something they were particularly bothered by.

Normally, Otoplasty is a common procedure however it's recommended that you ask your surgeon plenty of information prior as you need to be well informed before making the decision to go ahead - as with any type of surgery.

Ear Pinning and Reconstructive Otoplasty

Ear reshaping and ear pinning surgery are usually done under a local anaesthetic for both younger and older patients.

With ear pinning, the procedure usually takes a maximum of around 2 hours and the result should be less protruding ears.

Cartilage Scoring Techniques

With this technique, the tissues will be re-arranged meaning that there's a higher chance of getting scars however this normally tends to be hidden.

Cartilage Sparing Techniques

This procedure is non-invasive, smooth and offers the most natural looking result.

Changes are made to the position and shape of the ear yet it's the most natural type of surgery.

Reconstructive Ear Surgery

This is the type of Otoplasty which corrects injuries and deformities.

Some of the injuries which require early surgery can be from burns, torn or infected ear piercing and as with all technique - the surgeon aims to create the most natural looking effect.

The Otoplasty Consultation

Do your research and boon an appointment for the first consultation with your surgeon.

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In the initial consultation the surgeon will examine your ears and offer you a number of options, explaining everything in detail and recommending the correct procedure for you.

The surgical procedure will also be discussed in detail and any questions you have will be answered - ask as many questions as you like and make sure you have all the information you need to make the decision before progressing.

Preparations For The Surgery

All the preparations should be discussed prior to your appointment and you should be provided with information from your surgeon.

It's normally recommended that patients don't smoke prior to surgery and for children who may be undergoing surgery - it's also worth mentioning to their school that they could have some time off following the procedure.

This is just a recommendation - as mentioned, all the details will be discussed with your surgeon and all the information you need should be provided to you before the procedure.

The Benefits of Otoplasty

The procedure is safe with very little to no risks and the downtime is little compared to other procedures.

Overall, the scarring is minimal - depending on the person however normally when healed, there is little to no scarring.

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As mentioned above, this is a collaborative post for Sprinkles of Style.

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