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First Look: Soho Home x Anthropologie Home Collection

First Look: Soho Home x Anthropologie Home Collection

We all love a little bit of home decor and theres nothing better than browsing through home decor blogs and interior magazines to see the latest! In this post, you can see the FIRST LOOK at the Soho Home x Anthropologie Collection – luxury interiors at their finest….

Inspiration – Soho Home x Anthropologie Home Collection


As you’ll be able to see, there’s a lot of warm, cosy and luxury vibes coming from this collection and I personally love it as it’s rather refreshing when compared to the modern, sleek looks we’ve been seeing.

Soho House have teamed up with Anthropologie – a brand we all know and love and also one of America’s best-loved interior and lifestyle brands.

Creating this capsule collection to bring both brands together.

Beth Blakeman-Shead (Soho Home Managing Director): “It’s very exciting to work with Anthropologie on our first home range together. The idea behind the collaboration was to design a range that draws influence from some of Soho Home’s popular pieces which are inspired by a selection of Houses, including Soho House Barcelona and Kettner’s.”

Continuing: “There’s an emphasis on the quality of design and we also incorporated new colour ways and developed pieces that are unique to this collection.”

Colours and Designs – Soho Home x Anthropologie


Briefly mentioned above, you can see that there’s a timeless, slightly retro, vibe from the collection but it all works beautifully.

There’s a lot of strong / bold colours, velvets, brass detailing giving things a slight antique-y vibe and lots of oak. It’s very different to what a lot of us see when browsing online and this is what makes me love interior decor!

Even though the pieces have that antique touch – take a look at the side table’s legs, totally unique and this wouldn’t look out of place in a modern home either.

That’s the beauty of home decor – mix and match to make things work for you.

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Beautiful – just beautiful! I’m really liking the antique vibes and as I’ve mentioned throughout the post, it’s a refreshing collection to see.

You can pick certain items which will work for your home – add pops of colour here and there and get creative.

It’s time to turn your house into a home!

Let me know what you all think of this lovely capsule collection between Soho Home x Anthropologie!

Layla x

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