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This Will Help You To Wake Up Happy

This Will Help You To Wake Up Happy


Everyday, we’re surrounded by negative things which are happening in the world and whilst we might not realise it – it affects us in some way.

A while ago, when I used to write my motivation posts, I would always comment about how negativity can get in the way with many things and it’s something that I really notice with people.

We live in a world where we let negativity get to us and you know what – that’s NOT ok!

In this post, I’d like to share some tips that you can read through and implement into your routine.

Bit by bit, you’ll notice that when you start to see things differently, everything around you starts to change – all for the better….

Make Time For Yourself – Wake Up Happy

Every evening, after a long day – make time for yourself!

Whether it’s sitting at home, snuggled on the couch and watching your favourite TV show or whether it’s relaxing in the bath, make time for you.

Leave your phone in another room, put on some of your favourite music and just chill.

Try and get rid of negative thoughts in your mind – when you have negative thoughts, your energy is negative and when your energy is negative, everything around you becomes negative too.

In your mind, put all your worries into little ‘balloons’ and say to yourself “I’ve got this” – letting the ‘balloons’ float into your imaginary sky. This is your way of ‘letting go’ of the negativity.

By clearing your mind and making time for yourself, you can gather your thoughts and focus on things that really matter.

Make A List (A Mental List, Even)


Make a list of everything that you’re proud of – even if it’s a mental note!

Be grateful for everything that you in your life, it doesn’t have to be materialistic either. For example, be grateful for your health and loved ones.

When you appreciate what you have, you’re open to more coming your way.

In this day and age, many of us are more focused on the things that we don’t have – rather than being grateful for everything that we do have.

Remember, there’s always someone out there who’s wishing for everything you have.

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Embrace everything in your life and be thankful – life is beautiful and we need to look at how we can live our life in the best way.

Just by doing these two things – you’ll start to notice a ‘shift‘, a difference in the way you think and look at things.

By being grateful and making time for yourself by clearing out negativity, you can do wonders.

Set yourself a small goal and work towards it or select one day of the week where you can go out for a meal with family / friends and have a good time.

Make positive things happen and you’ll see how everything else will follow through.

Always, always remember that when we think in a positive way and when we have a positive mindset – we’ll attract positive into our life.

By doing these tips, you can wake up happy and ready for the new day!

Layla x

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