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Swan – Ultra Stylish Kitchen Appliances

Swan – Ultra Stylish Kitchen Appliances


The kitchen is considered to be the ‘heart’ of your home – it’s not only a place where food is made. For many families, the kitchen is a place where everyone comes together to spend time with one another, have a laugh /de-stress – and eat, of course!

This doesn’t mean that your kitchen should be simple or boring – in fact, with the rise in interior blogs and home decor Instagram accounts, there’s a rise in ultra stylish kitchen accessories and I have some beautiful pieces to show you from Swan Brand.


Starting things off with the kettle – an essential for every home! As you can see, I chose this lovely cream colour which I feel adds a warmth to the kitchen.

Personally, I love neutral and calming tones for the home and this is a colour which works well with my style.

The kettle looks really lovely. It has an understated elegance to it and as you can see in the photo above – it offers a stylish retro vibe which adds that extra ‘charm’ to the kitchen area.

If you take a look at the slideshow below, you’ll also notice that there’s silver finishings on the kettle. The lid, the handle and also along the bottom rim of the kettle too – it’s finishings like this which make a difference when it comes to your stylish kitchen appliances!

Kettle Colour Options – Red, Black, Cream (featured in the post), Pink, Grey, Khaki and Orange.

  • swan-retro-kettle
  • swan-retro-kettle
  • swan-kettle-water-fill
  • swan-kettle-closeup

Next up, we have the toaster – another essential for every home! Again, as you can see, the 4-slice retro toaster comes in the same colour as the kettle and this consistency creates a lovely vibe in the kitchen area and without much effort updates the whole room.

It looks stylish and chic however this features much more silver compared to the kettle. This is great for kitchen though as you can keep it clean and really make it shiny!

Swan Brand offers great quality, just take a look at the slideshow below and you’ll notice that the silver finishings go around the edge of the toaster too – it’s the little things like this which make a difference.

Take a look along the bottom. You can see that there’s 2 different dials and buttons – this allows you to customise the browning of your toast so that you can have the perfect morning breakfast (or snack) everyday!

Toaster Colour Options – Red, Black, Cream (featured in the post), Blue, Khaki Green, Grey

  • swan-brand-toaster-review
  • swan-retro-toaster
  • swan-brand-toaster-cream

Ok, so here’s something which is rather special – it’s a stand mixer and even though this isn’t an essential, it does play a major part in your stylish kitchen appliances.

This adds a ‘professional’ vibe to your kitchen and in fact – mixers like this can improve the quality and outcome of your home baking as you have much more speed and power.

You can make bigger batches of homemade dough and desserts, it’s hand-free and this allows you to multi-task (if you’re like me, cleaning whilst you wait).

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Here are some details which you may find interesting from the stand mixer.

  • 1200W Low Noise Motor – This offers a lot of power without the noise.
  • Variable 8-speed settings and soft start.
  • 10 minute auto safety shut-off.
  • Aluminium dough hook, beater and egg whisk – dishwasher safe.
  • Pop up head lift with lock feature.
  • Non-slip feet and cord storage.

Stand Mixer Colour Options – Black, Cream (featured in this post), Khaki Green, Grey, Blue. Other colours out-of-stock.

  • swan-stand-mixer
  • stand-mixer-stylish-kitchen-accessories
  • stand-mixer-options
  • stand-mixer-review-swan-brand
  • swan-stand-mixer-review
  • swan-brand-stand-mixer-hook-accessories

So, there we have my selection of the Swan Ultra Stylish Kitchen Appliances which will look lovely in every home no matter the style, colour or design.

Keep in mind that there’s plenty of colours to choose from and the great thing about Swan Brand is that there’s something for everyone – ranging from ultra-modern accessories, classic pieces and plenty of colours.

Click Swan Brand to visit the site.


You’ll be seeing the items again and I also have plenty of recipes coming soon so make sure you check back for the latest.

Layla x

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