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Update Your Home With These Simple and Quirky Tips

Update Your Home With These Simple and Quirky Tips


Everyone wants their home to reflect them. You don’t want to walk into your home and feel like it’s a show home that anyone could live in – you want to create that inviting / cosy atmosphere yet add your own stamp onto the property.

Your home can be different and no matter your style, there’s something for you – maybe you want to be completely different and quirky – just find the necessary accessories.

Hang Some Art or Ornaments

Walls. They can be pretty empty however wall art or ornaments are one of the best ways for adding your stamp onto your home.

You can opt for higher-end styles, like expensive artwork or you can opt for quirky pieces, handmade pieces and even ornaments to create something unique.

Look at framed prints, cute wall decor, embroidery pieces or simply different things to create a unique wall / decor feature.

If you’re not sure – a large clock may be a good place to start. There’s so many designs out there ranging from classic pieces to colourful and quirky – browse things like unique / stylish clocks for your home that can give it a unique feel, as well as serve as a practical item that will tell you the time.

Bring Some Greenery Into Your Home


Plants are another option for bringing some colour and ‘lushness’ into your home. Of course, house plants can be pretty conventional – just like anything else but you can have fun by choosing the correct types of plants, planters, and pots for your home.

There’s such an advance in designs and styles that you can find anything to suit you, your home and your style.

Look for Unusual Textiles

If you’re not one for wall frames, take a look at textiles. One of the easiest ways to add quirky touches to your home and there’s a vast variety of fabrics, patterns, colours and designs to choose from.

Look at cushions, throws, rugs, blankets, upholstery and more – there’s something for everyone and whilst you’re looking, it’s also worth browsing through past trends as you could find some wonderful ideas.

Google really is a wonderful place for home interior and decor…

Recycle Items for Quirky Decor

Recycled items can make some of the most interesting home accessories. For example, almost anything can be turned into the base of a lamp and this is where recycling and reusing can be great – especially if you’re looking for a way to be eco-friendly at home.

Of course, you can also try your hand at some DIY if you want to recycle some things yourself. It’s easy to turn some empty (and clean) glass jars into candle holders.

There’s plenty of things to do and you can create some unique and eye-catching features.

Play around, get creative and you’ll have transformed your home in no time….


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