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Home Office Tips – Make Working From Home EVEN Better!

Home Office Tips – Make Working From Home EVEN Better!


Whether you work from home normally or you’ve now transformed an area to your workspace thanks to Coronavirus, there’s nothing better than creating a positive and inspiring work area for yourself.

Your home office should be considered as your little ‘haven’ – this is the place where you’ll spend most of your time and where you’ll feel the flow of creativity! It’s where you’ll handle and run everything of your day-to-day business.

For bloggers and writers, it’s always recommend that a workspace is updated every few months! This gives the area a ‘new’ lease of life and helps you stay productive and motivated.

Take a look at these tips which will help you update your work area and make you work even better!

Home Office Organization – Shelving and Accessories


Most home offices and workplaces are often left messy and uninspiring however with a few simple adjustments, you can completely transform an area, making things much more organised and pretty.

By creating a lovely and inviting work area, this will make you want to work and stay in your workplace.

Shelving Units – Not only are they a great way for providing additional storage, they also allow you to add pretty accessories and home decor pieces, making the room beautiful and inviting.

If you’re creative, you can even paint old wooden shelving or find different shelving brackets in gold for example, , which will completely change the way things look.

Wall Art and Mood Boards – Home Office Tips


Wall art and mood boards are an instant way to boost your productivity!

If you google head offices around the world – especially within the fashion and beauty world, you’ll find mood boards and wall art, all providing a source of inspiration.

Want to create a mood board for yourself? Purchase cork-boards and look out for unique framing – matching your shelving, for example! Then, print off your favourite quotes, colours and anything which you think will boost your productivity.

Get creative and make your mood board a wall of art too! Here – take a look at these mood boards from head offices around the world.

Viktor and Rolf Head Office Mood Board


Who What Wear Head Office Mood Board


A great way to inspire and boost productivity!

It’s the simple things which will make a big difference in the way you work. All you need is a little bit of creativity to make a few changes which will benefit you in every way.

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Instead of looking at the lockdown in a negative way, look at the positives. Change things in your workspace, update the area and you’ll see how much more productive you’ll become.

Give yourself a reason to want to go into your home office everyday and always take breaks when you feel you’ve had enough.

In times like this, we need to focus on our work but also on ourselves. Instead of working ourselves to the limit, learn to balance and prioritise…

Working for 2-3 hours? Take a half hour break. Even making yourself a cup of tea, coffee or even juice and then returning to your desk will give you that 5-10 minute break.

One thing we can all learn is to see things in a positive way. Focus on the positives and count yourself lucky that you’re healthy and still able to work from home.

Layla x

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