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Why Natural Colours Are Good For Your Home (And Wellbeing)

Why Natural Colours Are Good For Your Home (And Wellbeing)


With more and more people spending time at home, we take a look at why natural colours are good for your home – and wellbeing!

Your home is your safe place, your haven and it makes sense to make your space as comfortable and happy as possible, creating the atmosphere you need for your mind, body and soul.

Colours, along with accessories and lighting, play a big part in making your home feel wonderful and below, you can see some of the details on how to make your home work for you.

Colours – Warm


Rich, warm colours are great for your home- especially if you have a blank or white canvas or rent the property. Explore with pops of colour such as orange / terracotta which will immediately add that beautiful warmth to any space.

Warm colours such as orange and terracotta are beautiful when teamed up with accent notes of Gold, Brass, Copper and White. They make the space look rich and luxurious with minimal effort and this is a great way to transform the space – instantly, especially if you’re renting.

Add some beautiful house plants to the space, they work and make colours pop even more!

Not into bold colours? Try accent colours or create a warm-coloured corner that you can relax in. Add a candle or two to the space and you’re good to go or add ambient lighting.

Bold colours are great for the home and also if you work from home – known to boost creativity and productivity.

Colours – Pastel / Dusty


If you’re not into warm colours, then look out for pastel and dusty tones. They’re just as beautiful and you can mix and match your style, similar to the photo above.

Dusty or pastel pink works beautiful with greige (a mix of beige and grey) and whilst the colours aren’t as warm as orange or terracotta, when styled well, they work beautifully and create a lovely and relaxing area to help you stay calm.

Spaces as shown in the photo above are perfect if you spend much of your time at home, they’re relaxing colours to soothe your mind after a long day and with pops of greenery or flowers, they can help to boost your productivity.

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Don’t forget the essential home fragrances for your home which can help to transform a space! Use uplifting, vibrant scent during the day and calmer fragrances in the evening to help you relax.

Overall, your home needs to work for you – beautiful colours can instantly transform a room and place to make you feel comfortable and happy.

Look at accessories, play around with colour options and look at decor items if you can’t fully decorate the walls.

By making your home feel comfortable, you’ll transform the way you feel and when you feel good in the comfort of your home – this will also transform your mindset and help with your wellbeing.


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