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Design Options To Improve Your Living Room

Design Options To Improve Your Living Room


Redesigning your living room is an exciting project and a chance to improve both the style, look and comfort of your home. Perhaps, you’re looking to create a while new interior design look?

There’s plenty of options to choose from so let’s take a look at some of the most popular design style choices.

1 . Minimal

The minimalist design style is about using simplicity to create understated elegance. Using two basic colours and avoiding excess clutter – the minimalist design focuses on functional objects and of course, using the best of natural light.

Smart storage and compact units also play a major part in the minimal design and it’s recommended to use one or two decorative pieces such as plants, paintings and small accessories. To get some inspiration for your minimal living room, check out Dezen magazine.

2. Industrial

The industrial style for interior design takes it’s inspiration from warehouses – whilst it may not sound lovely, it’s all about the way people incorporate different features in their home.

This includes exposed brick which is lovely as a statement wall, recycling objects and using natural wood to add warmth and character. It’s one of the most creative styles and usually combines modern and rustic for a unique look.

To help you create a beautiful industrial style living room, check out for more ideas.

3. Art-deco

Art Deco – a contrast to minimalism and focuses on bold patterns, geometrics and materials. This decor style is all about making a statement!

Materials which tend to be used for art-deco include wood, chrome and beautiful marble, all of which add a luxury feeling to the space.

One thing to note, art-deco isn’t for the faint-hearted! This is a statement style which requires precision and for some people, using an interior designer is the way to go to get your ideas showcased in the best way.

4. Shabby chic


A style which had a big ‘moment’ a few years ago and is still one of the go-to designs for many people.

The aim for this style is to create a vintage ‘lived-in’ style with subtle modern touches including floral patterns, feminine touches and soft colours to bring everything together.

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A lot of pastel colours tend to be used for the shabby-chic look and it’s not only the living room which this style looks great in – it’s also wonderful for the kitchen, especially if your home is a cottage or within a village, to really capture the vibe.

If you’re a creative person, look at distressed furniture, upcycled accessories, and preserved flowers. To help you create a shabby chic style for your living room, try using apps such as Recycleclart and CraftGawker.

When you’re choosing an interior style for your living room, it’s a wise idea to keep that same style throughout the rest of your home.

Before you start redecorating, remember to set yourself an approximate budget and stick to it! Keep a note of everything you’re spending and shop around for different deals.

To keep up with the interior design colour trends this year, try forest green or a minimal blue-grey (great for the kitchen too). When you’re painting your living room, give eco-paint a try which will help to keep your decor much more sustainable.

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