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Staying Fit While Travelling

Staying Fit While Travelling


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How To: Staying Fit While Travelling 

Written By: Layla

Location: London, United Kingdom (Courthouse Hotel, Shoreditch)

Ever wondered how to stay fit while travelling?

It's a lot easier than you think and in this post, Layla's sharing her tips on how to stay fit when travelling so you're always feeling your best - no matter where you are or where you're travelling to.... 🙂

Hey everyone! I hope you're all well and having a lovely start to the week - we're kicking things off with a fitness post!

As you call know, since the 're-launch' of the website, I've started featuring a variety of topics on here including home decor, interior and blog advice but one thing which I haven't featured (until now) is fitness!

This year, my goal has been to improve my overall fitness regime and so far, I'm happy with how I'm feeling.

Everyday I try to exercise no matter how little time I have but.... what happens when I travel?


"It's Easier Than You Think"

Yep, that's right - no matter where I am or where I travel to, I always find some time to visit the gym.

Nowadays, most hotels offer gym facilities so make sure that you take advantage of it - in my experience, they're normally empty or on the quite side compared to a typical gym.

You don't have to get up in the early hours either, if you don't go to the gym in the morning just put some time aside in the evening.

"The Hotel I'm Staying In Doesn't Have A Gym Though..."

Don't worry!

If your hotel doesn't have a gym - you can still exercise.

You can either go for a run or you can stay in your hotel room and go through a series of exercises - here are some great options which are easy to do and perfect for everyone.

Cross-over sit-ups, regular sit-ups, push-ups, sideways leg lifts, rear leg raises and squats - never forget squats!

"I Don't Know Which Machine To Use - Help!"

I'm no gym expert so I can't recommend which machine to use however if you visit your local gym there'll be professionals and personal trainers on hand to help you. Even in the hotel you're staying in - someone should be able to give you some advice.

Below, you can see the machines that I personally enjoy using at the gym - I feel they work better for me and if you find something you enjoy - stick with it!


This is my go-to machine. I LOVE the cross-trainer (also known as the Elliptical Trainer) and it's something that I've loved since day one!

I adjust the settings depending on my goal for the workout and normally use the moving handrails as this benefits the whole body. Working through a natural range of movements.

Stair Climber

See Also

Another machine that I like is the stair-climber. Not the little ones you get for your home - the big machines you see at the gym! A great machine to use for fat-burning, toning and strengthening your body.

Rowing Machine

I might not use this on every gym visit however the rowing machine makes it's way into the top 3! This workout focuses mainly on the thighs and upper body however you need to make sure you're using this correctly to avoid any injury on your lower back.


"After A Workout - Relax"

OK, so if you're someone who needs motivation then look for a lovely way to relax after your workout. If your hotel has a spa area of swimming pool then make sure you go there after your workout.

This is one of the BEST ways to motivate yourself if you're not feeling entirely workout-ready and it'll give you something to look forward to throughout your exercises.

See - the gym can be fun! 🙂


You know that I love reading your comments so let me know what you think! Do you enjoy reading fitness posts?

Are you a fan of exercising and do you stick to your fitness regime when you travel?

If you have any tips to share - make sure you comment below! 🙂

x x

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