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The Courthouse Hotel Shoreditch: XScape King Room

The Courthouse Hotel Shoreditch: XScape King Room


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The Courthouse Hotel Shoreditch: XScape Room 

Location: London, United Kingdom 

It's time to sit back and relax with a cup of coffee as you join Layla who recently stayed in one of the trendiest 5* hotels in London - The Courthouse Hotel Shoreditch.

After this feature - you'll want to grab your overnight bags and head to the hotel too as it's a lovely luxury hotel. 

Enjoy 🙂


The Courthouse Hotel Shoredicth: Location

The hip, upmarket hotel is a 7 minutes walk from Old Street tube station and a 13 minutes walk from Old Spitalfields Market.

Location / Address: Courthouse Hotel Shoreditch 

335-337 Old Street, London, EC1V 9LL

Visit their Website

In this article, the focus will be on the room I stayed in during my visit to The Courthouse Hotel: Shoredicth however you will see glimpses of the hotel throughout the article and in a video linked at the bottom of this feature. 

More article features are on the way (currently being written) and will cover a variety of things such as other rooms you can stay in, the hotel design and it's history, the roof terrace, the spa / pool area, the gym, the bowling alley and yes - even the private cinema too!

The Courthouse Hotel Shoreditch: Arrival

In this article the main focus will be about the XScape King Room which I stayed in and right from my arrival at the hotel, I was greeted by the friendliest of staff who did everything they could to make me feel as welcome as possible. 

As you can see in the image - there was a little note in my room (XScape Room) welcoming me to the hotel which was a really lovely touch as it makes you feel comfortable and valued. 


Courthouse Hotel Shoreditch: XScape Room

As you can see, the XScape room is beautiful - decorated in a stunning, sophisticated manner, it's the perfect place to kick back and relax after a long day rushing to meetings, events or perhaps shopping. 

The XScape rooms have all been designed to allow you to focus on the stunning view with windows going from wall-to-wall. You're greeted by light every morning and in the evening, a stunning light-stricken city with some of the tallest buildings in the distance. 


The Courthouse Hotel Shoreditch: Amenities

In the XScape rooms (as in other rooms) you have the essentials such as a kettle along with a supply of coffee and tea. 

As you can see, there's Kenco smooth, Kenco Decaf, Twinings English Breakfast Tea, Twinings Green Tea, Twinings Fruit Tea, Hot Chocolate and biscuits too - perfect to snack on throughout the day before going for a meal or ordering room service. 


The Courthouse Hotel Shoreditch: Fruit Bowl 

Yes - this is definitely worth a mention as it's the attention to little detail which makes your whole experience enjoyable.

Upon your arrival, on a table in your room, there's a fruit bowl with some fresh fruit and two glass bottles of water - still and sparkling. 

I like fruit bowls as when I travel, I try and stay as healthy as possible - minus the room service

A great feature - especially if you're vegetarian or vegan. 

The Courthouse Hotel Shoreditch: Bathroom 

One thing that a lot of people are interested in when it comes to hotel room reviews is the bathrooms and at The Courthouse Hotel Shoreditch, you're going to love it. 

Following through with the elegantly sophisticated decor - the theme follows through from the rooms. Darker than what people might be used to but equally beautiful and definitely luxurious. 

Now, I'm a bath person but the XScape room doesn't have a bathtub due to way the hotel rooms were designed. 

What you do have, is a large walk-in shower with a powerful overhead rain shower and separate shower function which is lovely if you want to apply a hair mask and rinse after your shower for example. 

(The suites have bathtubs and they're going to be featured on Sprinkles of Style very soon)

Complete with shower essentials which you can just see on the glass shelf in the shower - Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash.

You also get Body Lotion - I got mine the first morning of my stay when housekeeping came to tidy the room when I went for breakfast. 

In the drawers, you also get mini vanity kits, a comb and a shaving kit too. 

Two other things I'd like to point out about the bathroom is the cool mirror - if you're beauty-conscious, the mirror light's up (see the ring? that's a light) and behind the door to the left, there's a heated towel rail to keep your towels lovely, fluffy and warm for when you come out of the shower. 


The Courthouse Hotel Shoreditch: Bed & Room

There's something that I absolutely love about staying in hotels - from lovely duvets which wrap you up to the soft, snuggly pillows.

From the bathroom, we now move onto another important part of the room and that's of course the bed - and the room itself! 

At The Courthouse Hotel Shoreditch, the XScape rooms have king sized beds which are huge - the perfect way to relax in the evening, watching TV, ordering room service and admiring the stunning view which overlooks the city of London. 

As you can see, the design is absolutely beautiful, elegant and sophisticated - I love the frame / mirror detailing around the bed and even though the focus brings you to the area, it doesn't distract you from the beautiful view. 

The elegant theme is followed throughout the whole room so everything is consistent - the turquoise you can see on the bed is also featured on the artwork above the desk area (where I'm currently sat and writing this post) and also dotted on an armchair behind me.

It's the attention to the little detail which makes a whole lot of difference and at The Courthouse Hotel Shoreditch - you can see that everything has been thought through carefully to ensure you have a lovely relaxing stay. 

Addition - There's also a turndown service where the housekeeping team will come into your room in the evening to get your room ready. Placing a little mat on either side of the bed along with slippers and on your bedside cabinet, you also get a glass bottle of water and mini Kinder-Bueno - see, it's the little detail which makes a difference. 

The Courthouse Hotel Shoreditch: Room Service 

Another thing which I love at hotels is room service - now I might not order a lot when I'm staying in a hotel on my own however it's nice to know that if you've been busy throughout the day and didn't have chance to eat - you can do so when you return to your little haven. 

I was impressed with the room service at The Courthouse Hotel Shoreditch and loved what was available however I don't think there was too much choice for vegetarians or vegans.  

I ordered vegetable pasta and my sister ordered a chicken basket with French fries - I took some of her fries 😉 and I have to say that everything was delicious.

The food is all freshly cooked and sourced so you're guaranteed lovely quality - meals can take around 20 minutes to arrive but it's definitely worth it. 

On my second evening, I didn't have anything after my breakfast and thought to order something in the evening.

I fancied the soup (vegetable soup) but sadly that wasn't available so I opted for a sandwich and chocolate brownie instead which you can see pictured below. 

Again, the quality of the food was lovely - it was all fresh, yummy and the service which was provided from the room service team was great. 


The Courthouse Hotel Shoreditch: Staff & Friendliness

If there's one reason to visit The Courthouse Hotel Shoreditch - it's the staff. 

As I've mentioned throughout the post, right from my arrival the team have been nothing but helpful.

They have been incredible at making me feel comfortable and as welcome as possible - even offering to take photos of me around the hotel which is really lovely. 

Nothing is too much trouble for anyone and when you ask questions or chat to the team, it's like you're talking to friends who you've known for many years. 

I just want to take the time and say a massive thank you to everyone at The Courthouse Hotel Shoreditch for being so sweet, lovely and helpful - no matter what I've asked for. 

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I'd also like to think that I've made some great friends after my stay and I'll definitely be back very soon! 🙂

I'll be sharing more photos on Instagram so make sure you follow and stay up to date as you'll be able to follow and meet the team too. 

The Courthouse Hotel Shoreditch Instagram 

The Courthouse Hotel Shoreditch: Indoor Swimming Pool 

On level -4, you have the ultimate indoor swimming pool, treatment rooms, steam room, sauna and gym

This is one of the best ways to relax after a long day and as you can see, the swimming pool features a waterfall, jacuzzi area and where I was standing to take the photo, behind me there's even a seating area with a little table to leave your phone on.

I enjoyed the pool a lot - you can see the photo further below. 🙂


The Courthouse Hotel Shoreditch: Breakfast

In the morning after my stay, I went downstairs where there are two separate dining areas - one is for afternoon tea and evening meals, the other room is where breakfast is served. 

An absolutely beautiful room complete with a gorgeous chandelier-type lighting and a large table in the centre of the room.

As you can see in the image, this is filled with fresh fruit, cereal, different ham, cake and croissants. 

At the back of the room you have a variety of things to choose from - including a section of more fresh fruit with little yoghurt bowls filled with oats, fruit and fresh pomegranate. 

On the other side you have a selection of bread for toasting, jams, spreads and fresh juice which is really lovely. 

There's something for everyone here and a real variety to choose from in the morning. 

You also get a choice of coffee and tea to have which is served as you select your breakfast items. 


More Photos - The Courthouse Hotel Shoreditch


The Courthouse Hotel Shoreditch: Video

Take a look at the video linked below from my stay and what I got up to! 🙂 

Make sure you subscribe to my channel to keep up with more videos! 🙂



So there we have my first post on The Courthouse Hotel Shoreditch and as you can see - it's a true 5* luxury hotel in London. I'll definitely be staying here again and as mentioned, there's more features on the way so you'll be seeing more on the hotel soon! 🙂

Make sure you follow me on my social media channels to see all the photos and videos which I'll be sharing! 🙂

(Visit The Courthouse Hotel Shoreditch too - Website & Instagram )

Hope you all have a lovely start to the week and as always, let me know what you think. 

x x

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