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How Smartphone Technology Is Taking Over

How Smartphone Technology Is Taking Over


Technology Is Taking Over - Here's How....

Written By: The Sprinkles of Style Team

Nowadays, you can barely walk a foot without seeing someone, somewhere using a smartphone - whether they're taking a selfie, paying for things in store or just plain texting their friends, everyone is using a smartphone device.

The technology has advanced so much that now, you can use your phone for just about anything. We're not talking daily life here - smartphones are being used in the business world as well and it's a fascinating time for any tech lovers out there. Below, you can see just a few pieces of smartphone technology and and how these devices are ultimately taking over the world....

Augmented Reality

The past few years, we've seen a surge in AR apps and this is many due to the success of the Pokemon GO game.

Remember, when everyone was outside chasing Pokemon and having fun?

Smartphone cameras are now used to display augmented reality when different apps are used.

IKEA is the first one which springs to our mind - you can shop via their app and use it to place different products in your home to get an idea of what it will it look like. Things like this are great for those who love interior design, decorating and it's apps like these which are changing the world.

The possibilities are endless and it's exciting to see how things are evolving.

Facial Recognition Software

A lot of new devices are being brought to the market - most of them now coming with a facial recognition software which many people are using as security to unlock their phones with.

It brings a whole new dimension to smartphone security but we're now seeing this also being used for other applications as well. If you own a financial business for example, you can simplify your compliance with key regulations by using smartphone facial recognition software.

This is used as a way of identifying customers before they open accounts or make significant transactions, preventing the need for people to physically go to their local bank branch to prove their identity.

Other businesses also use this technology ensuring that only employees of the company can access files and data. It’s a crazy bit of tech but we’re seeing it more and more in modern times!

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Contactless (NFC)

Near-Field Communication is the terminal term for contactless technology which we all know. This is the tech which is used when you pay for things through Apple or Android Pay using your phone.

Now, this has become a worldwide phenomenon to the point that most high-stress businesses around the world accept contactless payments. However, you can also use this technology to share photos with friends, give people wifi passwords, or even scan boarding passes for flights.

Every year, we're seeing how the boundaries are being pushed and the limits are endless.


We love reading your comments so let us know what you all think about Smartphone Technology and let us know which are your go-to apps!

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