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How Blogging Has Changed (For Worse)

How Blogging Has Changed (For Worse)



How Blogging Has Changed (For Worse)

Hello everyone! So, it’s the weekend and as I have some free time, I thought it would be good to sit down and write this post about blogging and how it’s changed over years.

How Blogging Has Changed (For Worse) – The Start

At the start of blogging, like everything else, it was all new, it was all exciting and it was a feeling of stepping into unknown territory.

I don’t remember when the whole ‘blogging’ thing started – but I do remember the thought of setting up and launching my own blog.

I was using a product that I didn’t really like and I didn’t want to just write a “simple review” on the company website – I wanted to write about the product in detail, what was good about it and what I personally didn’t like.

Out of hard work and luck – my beauty blog quickly evolved into a beauty and fashion blog.

Fast forward to today, I now write about beauty, fashion and lifestyle – covering a variety of topics, working with different brands and loving every part of it!

How Blogging Has Changed (For Worse) – More People, The Upside

Obviously, I love blogging and with the rise of writing and social media – more and more people have gotten involved by setting up and launching their own blogs.

It’s a part of the internet that you own, your website is yours and each blog covers different topics, different subjects and there’s something out there for everyone no matter who you are or what you enjoy.

It’s quick, it’s ever-changing and at the same time – it’s unique! However, there’s also major downsides to blogging.

How Blogging Has Changed (For Worse) – More People, The Downside 

I started my blog as a place to share my opinion about beauty products whilst also being able to provide people with an insight into what I knew about the beauty industry after working as a make-up artist.

Blogs were looked at as a ‘new source’ of information – by providing a completely different insight with a new, fresh ‘voice’.

Now – the more people that have gotten involved, the more they’ve ruined it.

People are now setting up blogs for the WRONG reasons – it’s not all about making money, getting free products or being recognised on the streets.

How Blogging Has Changed (For Worse) – Seeing it personally 

I’ve seen this personally.

I’ll change things on my blog from time to time, I’ll edit the colour scheme, the logo or the layout and a few days later – I’ll visit other blogs and see they’ve done the same!

See Also

There’s no rule about what can or cannot be done however you always need to remain unique and provide something different for the people that take the time to visit your blog.

I would never dream of copying someone else as that goes against what I believe.

If I cannot find inspiration, I won’t write a post or I’ll wait until I find the inspiration and feel like it’s the right time.

If I ever reach a point where I don’t feel the inspiration anymore – I’ll quit blogging.

For me, it’s that simple. 


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    • Thank you so much – it is a shame to see how it’s changed but we have to keep going and remain positive and true to ourselves! 🙂 xxx

  • I was pretty late to start my blog (although really what counts as late?), so for me I haven’t necessarily seen a lot of the ‘bad’ sides to all of this, which I suppose is a good thing because it keeps me positive and motivated. So far the only downside I’ve noticed to blogging is that the uniqueness of people’s blogs seems to be fading and I don’t like it when I see people not supporting one another online!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    • It’s such a shame the way things are with blogging, in a way it’s nice to see the people who stand out from the crowd but a shame to see how certain people can bring others down and when you see the limited amount of support from others it makes you wonder…. I absolutely love your blog and style – there’s so much new content and it’s all unique which is what I like to see too! 🙂 xxx

  • This used to annoy me a lot at first. How other bloggers would copy my every move. Now I simply don’t care. Because, you know, one can copy the end product, but no one can copy the original creativity that created it. So, no matter how often they copy, in the end they’re just that: copies. I’ll always be one step ahead 😉 In a sense, it’s a compliment to my work LOL

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