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Blogging – Balance Your Work and Holiday

Blogging – Balance Your Work and Holiday



Blogging – Balance Your Work and Holiday

Ah, it’s August which means it’s ‘holiday season‘ and with everyone jetting off to glorious locations, I thought it would be a good time to write this post about blogging and balancing your work and holiday.

Blogging – Balance Your Work and Holiday – Full Time Blogging

Let’s face it – blogging has now become full-time work for many people (including myself) and if you’re not directly involved with the ‘blogging world’ you’ll think it’s all easy – you know, attending events, drinking champagne but it’s not like that – at all!

Blogging takes up SO much time! You have to think about different topics to write, ensuring your content is always engaging for readers, taking photos and editing them if needed and generally just making sure everything is consistent with your blog, your style and your writing.

I always try and share different tips and offer advice however there isn’t a set rule with blogging or finding the balance. It’s different for everyone but there is a way to make sure that you’re always within schedule and also managing to find the time for yourself and your work.

Blogging – Balance Your Work and Holiday – Finding The Balance

Like I’ve mentioned, you DO need to find the balance between work and holiday – I’ll put my hands up and admit that it’s not the easiest of things to balance your work and holiday – especially when you work for yourself.

In my experience, I’ll jet off to a beautiful location – somewhere by the sea and whilst I’m sitting on the sun lounger, I’ll reach over for my phone to check up on emails, reply to comments, uploading things onto social media and browsing through profiles to find inspiration and keep up to date with everything.

This is when you need to take control and allow yourself to have some ‘off time’ – your holiday is for you, it’s your time to relax and to enjoy YOURSELF.

So, I’ve made it a ‘mission’ that the next time I go away on holiday – I’llΒ enjoy the mornings, relaxing by the pool and in the afternoon will allow myself some time to log onto the blog, write up posts and share on social media. πŸ™‚

Blogging – Balance Your Work and Holiday – It’s OK To Work

Yes, it’s OK to work!

Just because you’re on holiday it doesn’t mean you should completely stop working – no!

In fact, with blogging, you can never really log off – you always have to remain online in some way whether it’s through your blog or social media pages.

Show your readers that you’re there, you’re online and that you haven’t forgotten about them.

Remember – your readers are key! Care about your readers and they will care about you…

If you do want to give yourself more time off when you’re on holiday – try scheduling a few posts in advance. This will allow yourself a couple of days to completely relax but remember to share something on social media too and to keep up with all the latest that’s going on! πŸ™‚

Blogging – Balance Your Work and Holiday

Sometimes the things which seem like they’re easy end up being the most difficult and that’s the case with blogging.

It’s all down to how much YOU want to work and get involved with the blogging industry but I’ll be covering this in another post which is coming soon πŸ™‚

Let me know what you all think about balancing your work and holiday – do you find it easy to switch off or do you constantly want to be working?


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