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Have A Productive Weekend At Home

Have A Productive Weekend At Home



How To Have A Productive Weekend At Home

Ah, it’s everyone’s favourite time of the week – the weekend!

In this post, I’m sharing some tips on how to have a productive weekend at home, whether you’re a full-time or part-time blogger or simply want to get more things done, the below will help either way! 🙂


How To Have A Productive Weekend At Home – Tidy 

OK, so you might think that this is weird BUT I personally find that having a tidy home and making sure your surroundings are neat, beautiful and ‘pretty’ looking really helps with the motivation and push which is needed to have a more productive weekend at home.

When surroundings start looking untidy and when I have a stack of envelopes and parcels to open (product samples and clothing) I feel myself starting to feel de-motivated.

Once I go through everything, take photos and organise my products and clothing – I feel good!

I want to write, I want to sit at my desk and I love the feeling when everything is all neat and tidy. I feel ready to go through all my work and all my emails. For me – tidiness is key and I think this can benefit everyone! 🙂

How To Have A Productive Weekend At Home – Create A Workspace 

I’ve briefly mentioned this in a past post but I cannot begin to tell you how much it helps to create a workspace which is just for you.

In my early days of blogging, I would just sit in the living room with my macbook on lap writing away but more often than not, I’d get distracted by the phone ringing, the TV or someone at the door.

As soon as I created a workspace for myself – my office, things started to change!

Again, I felt a boost of motivation and I knew that it was a place I could go and sit down, close the door and leave all the distractions behind. It really does help.

I really can’t express how important this is and whether you’re a full-time blogger, a part-time blogger or just work from home (lucky) – you really need to invest time into creating your own workspace.

Not only will you feel happier but you’ll feel determined to do well, motivated, positive and all this works in a way you can’t imagine!

Remember, positive thinking brings in positive energy and positive energy brings positive opportunities your way – you’ll see! 🙂

How To Have A Productive Weekend At Home – Set a Time For Yourself To Work

So, you’ve got your workspace and you’re now ready to face work!

What time do you start and what time do you switch off?

You need to find a balance – don’t overwork or push yourself, this isn’t good for you, your mind or your body.

People assume blogging is easy however it’s not, there’s so much time and effort involved and I’ve found that by setting time aside for my work has really helped me to stay on top of things.

I tend to wake up early, make myself a coffee and sit at my desk looking through all my emails and either write a few posts or re-read what I’ve already written before it goes live.

Normally this all takes a couple of hours and once I’m done for the morning, I’ll carry on with my day – checking my emails when I’m on the go (my iPhone) and keeping up with everything during the day in between meetings and events.

Once I’m back home in the evenings – I’ll then sit down and write a few more posts and go through comments if I can otherwise I’ll just go through my emails which might have stacked up during the day.

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Always remember that as much as you might love your work or your blog – you also need to make time for yourself, your loved ones and your friends.

It’s important to not stress yourself out or put a lot of pressure on yourself – it’s easier said than done as I’ve done it myself, however I’ve now found the balance between my work and personal life and I’m feeling better than ever! 🙂

How To Have A Productive Weekend At Home – Enjoy Your Home

Make your home a place you enjoy being in, I hear so many people saying they don’t like their home in it’s current state and I always think – “be grateful” as there’s always someone in a worse position compared to you.

If you have a budget, don’t worry – a coat of cream paint everywhere will brighten up your house and if you shop around you can find some bargains for making your home a lovely place to be in.

Want to add a bit of colour – pillows, throws and new curtains can really spruce a place up! If you’re feeling like an interior designer, buy some vases, candles and accessories to place around your home, get a few shelves for storage and place items on – I personally love candles and have them dotted around everywhere!!

I mean, who doesn’t love candles, especially with winter on the way.

Not looking for colour? Buy lovely cosy throws and pillows which you can snuggle into this winter – perfect and an easy way to update your home and surroundings without spending a fortune.

Make sure you take advantage of the weekends, it’s time for you to relax but also make your home a lovely place to be in.

Create a little workspace for yourself which will provide you with that much needed motivation boost – it’ll help you for the week ahead too!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


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