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Finding Motivation For Your Blog

Finding Motivation For Your Blog



Finding Motivation For Your Blog

Hey everyone! I can’t quite believe that it’s Monday already – time seems to be flying by and can you guess what I spotted in stores a few days ago??? Christmas things – it’s not even Halloween yet!

(Enter Wide-Eyed Emoji)

Coming back onto the subject of this post – I’m writing about finding motivation for your blog, it’s something which we all go through but there are ways to get you back into the right mindset for writing quality content.

Before getting started, one of the main things that I love about blogging is the freedom that I have – I can work as much as like and at any time I like no matter where I am but remember – it’s not suited for everyone so take a look at these steps to see if they help.

Finding Motivation For Your Blog – Think Outside The Box 

The main thing is making sure your blog is unique – don’t write about a beauty product just because everyone else is.

I remember a little while ago, I was browsing through some blogs and all of them had the same BarryM Nail Polishes featured, it was all the hype on their collection and what was worse – everyone had the same colours too!

Just because a few blogs write about a product, it doesn’t mean that you should be doing the same – think outside the box and write about products that you feel your readers will want to find out about whether it’s a good or bad review.

Write about topics which you’re passionate about – it’ll make you (and your blog) stand out from the rest and this will bring more readers to your page as they’ll want to see what you’re writing about next….

Finding Motivation For Your Blog – Take A Break

Sometimes, this is all you need!

If you’re feeling down – it’s time to take a break and step away from blogging. You need this time to focus on yourself and your mindset.

Instead of getting yourself worked up – go away for a couple of days to a new city, it doesn’t have to be abroad. It could be a spa-day nearby with an overnight stay at a hotel.

It’s the little things like this which help your mind the most – recharge, relax and let all your stresses go. This is when you’ll notice you have new ideas and posts to write about.

Finding Motivation For Your Blog – Update Your Blog

This is something which I think will benefit most, if not all, bloggers out there – if you’re lacking with motivation this could be one of the easiest (and simplest) ways of finding motivation for your blog.

Not only is this appealing for your readers (they’ll want to check out more of your posts) but it’ll just give you that well-needed boost to write new content.

As a lot of you know, I work with Pipdig who helps me with my blog design and layout but what I love the most is how easily I can edit everything.

Change of colour theme – no problem, it can all be done with a few clicks.

Change of layout – no problem, again this can all be done with a few clicks from the control panel.

See Also

If you’re like me and love changing things every so often – I’d definitely recommend having a look at Pipdig’s designs by clicking here – there’s so many to choose from and they can all be customised to your blog style.

Finding Motivation For Your Blog – Be Happy

Overall, you have to be happy with your blog and what you do!

If you see blogging as a chore – it’s not for you.

If you see blogging as taking up too much of your time – it’s not for you either.

As I mentioned above, I personally love blogging. I love the freedom that I get with it and I can work as much as I want (normally till 2 in the morning) and I love the fact that I can travel anywhere I want and yes – still work and blog.

It’s not for everyone but there are a few ways on finding motivation for your blog – go out there and always remember to make time for yourself.

If you make time for yourself and you’re feeling happy then it’s easier to write quality content that your readers will love.

Hope you all have a wonderful start to the week – I have some news coming soon along with a few design changes haha! 🙂


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  • I love the freedom of blogging as well, I don’t think I would last very long in a traditional offie job at all!

    I really agree that with blogging your happiness and pride in what you do is a big factor, when you start to think of it as draining on your life then that’s time to stop in my eyes.

    • Ah thank you so much hun, glad you agree and thank you for your kind words!! It’s nice to see that it’s not just me that loves blogging so much and having the freedom to focus on other things too. Life really is too short and we need to make the most of every moment! 🙂 xxx

  • I agree completely about taking a break. I think sometimes it can be difficult to do as we worry about not putting out enough content, but it really can work wonders in terms of recharging the batteries and finding renewed enthusiasm. x

    Kate Louise Blogs

    • Ah thank you hun – sometimes it’s the best way, you need to make time for yourself and enjoy yourself too! I try and balance everything out and sometimes it doesn’t work – other times, it really does help but it;s just about making things work for you and your mood in that moment in time xxx

    • Well done you!! It’s good to take a break as it does help – glad to hear that you’re now feeling better than before! 🙂 xx

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