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Getting Ready For ‘Wear It Pink’ (And How YOU Can Get Involved)

Getting Ready For ‘Wear It Pink’ (And How YOU Can Get Involved)


Getting Ready For 'Wear It Pink' - (YOU Can get involved too)

Written By: Layla

Location: London, United Kingdom

This week, here at Sprinkles of Style, we're all wearing pink - and for a very good reason too!

It's the official month for breast cancer awareness but not only that - we're supporting Breast Cancer Now in the run-up to their big fundraising event on Friday, 19th October and below, you can see all the details about the charity, what they do and how YOU can get involved.


Breast Cancer Now is the UK's leading breast cancer research charity - all the donations which are made throughout the year and especially through their fundraising events, all go back into the charity to allow research to progress.

Breast Cancer Now have a goal and believe that by 2050, every woman diagnosed with Breast Cancer will survive however without our donations and our help - this can't happen so I hope each and every one of you lovely readers can get involved in some way! 🙂



Wear it pink - this is the charity's current campaign and one of the easiest ways to raise awareness! Wear pink items of clothing, accessories or even pink lipstick if you're not brave enough to wear a pink outfit - just feature something pink in your look.

If you're social media savvy - use the hashtag #wearitpink and share an image of your outfit or accessories on social media and encourage people to sign up to - the more people involved, the better!


So, you'd like to get involved and support Breast Cancer Now? Great! It's really simple and I believe that all of us who have social media platforms (no matter how big or small the following) can all come together and make a difference when it comes to helping charities receive exposure and awareness.

To take part in the 'Wear It Pink' campaign - all you need to do is visit and register to receive your fundraising pack along with checking out tips and ideas too.

The flagship fundraising event for Breast Cancer Now will be taking place this Friday - Friday 19th October and hopefully, we can all come together to raise as much money as possible for vital breast cancer research!



Of course, I'll be doing all I can from my side to help raise as much awareness and yes - it's a pink week for many of us and you'll be able to see different things on my social media channels!

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Here are the social media handles and hashtags to use this week - all in support of Breast Cancer Now and 'Wear It Pink'

Breast Cancer Now - Website

#wearitpink #breastcancer #breastcancernow

I hope all you lovely readers get involved - this is open to everyone around the world and every donation, mention and share helps so please get involved in some way.

Whether you share a picture with something pink using the hashtags - it ALL helps so please make sure you get involved and support. 🙂

I'd love to know if any of you support charities throughout the year too and if any of you are doing anything this week such as wearing pink or baking pink cakes perhaps.... let me know!

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