Coffee Lab – A Coffee Bar To Visit

Coffee Lab - A Coffee Bar To Visit 

Layla's known for her love of coffee and recently, she visited a trendy coffee bar in Likovrisi, Greece. It's called Coffee Lab and one thing you MUST know is that the coffee bar is pet-friendly! 

We love it already but you can see Layla's full review below and yes - her gorgeous Chihuahua, Thunder was with her - but not pictured (sadly). 


So, it's the start of a new week and as you all know, 2018 has started in a great way for Sprinkles of Style! 

I'm currently travelling and visiting lots of lovely places so over the next few weeks, you'll be seeing LOTS of new content on here including - fashion posts, beauty reviews and travel features!  

This isn't a normal travel / food & drink post however a few weeks ago, I was waiting for my car to be cleaned and spotted a cafe nearby. Upon arriving, I was greeted by the staff who were extremely friendly and told me that they'd recently opened and were new to the area so I decided to take a few pictures and share them on here. 🙂

(It's nice to be nice)


About Coffee Lab

The coffee bar which I visited is called "Coffee Lab" and if you check out their website, you'll see that they're one of the "most promising Franchise" with many coffee bars now located all around Greece. 

As mentioned, upon arriving, I was greeted by the friendliest staff who were extremely welcoming - telling me to sit wherever I liked as they have seating both indoors and outdoors.

After asking if pets were allowed (I had Thunder, my Chihuahua with me) the owner at this specific coffee bar told me that their logo (of a dog) represents their pet-friendly approach - even giving Thunder little snacks and water whilst I enjoyed my coffee. 

See the logo featured below. 


Coffee Lab - The Coffee 

One of the other things that I loved (apart from their pet-friendly approach) is the variety of coffee on offer!

You'll be able to see (in the photos below) that each variety of coffee bean is in the machines, ready to be served fresh for you. 

If you're a fan of coffee (like me) then you can select where your coffee has come from - all depending on your tastes otherwise, you can ask the staff to recommend the best coffee depending on what you like and the coffee you order.

Below you can see a brief overview from Coffee Lab. 

Coffee Choices

Guatemala - A very sweet coffee which is balanced with a touch of citrus keeping it refreshing.

Ethiopia - A sweet coffee which is balanced with richness coming from Bergamot and Green Tea. 

Brazil - A very sweet coffee which is full-bodied. 

Kenya - A very sweet coffee, full-bodied coffee with a fruity touch.


See More Photos


You know that I love reading your comments so let me know what you think - does this coffee bar look like a place that you'd visit and do you love their pet-friendly approach as much as me??? 🙂




    • sprinkles
      12th January 2018 / 8:42 am

      Ah thank you so much – it really is a lovely coffee bar! 🙂 x

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