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Astrology Forecast: What Will Happen 15/11/2020

Astrology Forecast: What Will Happen 15/11/2020


Lets take a look at the astrology forecast for tomorrow, thank you once again to Karl-Heinz Ottinger and Uranian Astrolabor.

“He who cannot hate the devil, cannot love God.” – Goebbels.

Dear Friends,

We’re living in a nightmare and as things are, democracy doesn’t seem to exist. In the USA, we have President Trump who wants to show that the election results were staged with the “system” wanting to remove / get rid of him in a disrespectful way however the war still isn’t over…

What you don’t see in the media is that the US army has raided the hosting and polling company called Scytl, confiscating their servers. None other than Bill Gates is a shareholder and along with this, the co-founder of Microsoft, Paul Allen has invested $40 million.

Scytl has said that it has (or it did have) connections with Sorros and the Democrats. It seems as though here, we can see the final stages of those who are ‘hiding secrets’ for the election.

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Overall, the day brings us a lot of energy, in a good way. Chores and tasks will be completed quickly and with haste. People will make their decisions quickly or be urged to make their decisions quickly. Sudden news to bring us joy and excitement.

As always, you can see more on this post by clicking here and make sure you visit Uranian Astrolabor for updates and all the latest.


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