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Astrology Forecast: What Will Happen Tomorrow 2/4/2020 – Coronavirus Edition

Astrology Forecast: What Will Happen Tomorrow 2/4/2020 – Coronavirus Edition


Since this post here, there has been a lot of emails and requests from you asking for more astrology forecasts! Thanks to my good friend, Karl-Heinz Ottinger, you’ll be able to see some of the worldwide predictions throughout this month!

Let’s get started with what will happen tomorrow – 2nd April, 2020.

Coronavirus Fighters

France – Despite the rise in cases, we’ll see discussions taking place on the possibility of lifting the quarantine for certain age groups (under 50’s). This is due to the economic catastrophe which the country is seeing.

Cyprus – On the other hand, we have Cyprus potentially conducting police inspections inside people’s homes – with no warrant! As we can see, this is a worldwide situation unlike anything we have ever seen…

Greece – Mr Evangelos Yamarello, the Professor of Pathology at the Infections of the National and Kapodistrian University in Athens is giving us all hope for the possibility of stopping the deadly virus – and preventing deaths!

As we have been seeing and as we will continue to see – incredible moments showing us that there are still people out there who will do their best to help one another.

Despite the difficult day (worldwide) – we are all connected.

Make sure you click this link to see predictions for the USA, Germany and much more!

Layla x

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