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Astrology Forecast: What Will Happen 12/11/2020

Astrology Forecast: What Will Happen 12/11/2020


Another post from my good friend, Karl-Heinz Ottinger from Uranian Astolabor.

Dear friends, I greet you. Unfortunately, we are living in a society where entrepreneurs and billionaires are now stronger than Governments and states – all because, almost all, politicians are corrupt with money and temporary privileges having altered their consciousness.

We’ve recently heard that there’s a potential vaccine on the way with The Phizer vaccine being labelled as the “antidote” of covid…

Here is where we use the well-known phrase, “Selling the disease before selling the cure”. Do your research and your own opinion and conclusions can be drawn on this…

Moving on to the USA – the state of Alaska was won by Donald Trump and as we know, there will be an appeal. The appeal to the Supreme Court of the United States of America takes place on the day of the eclipse – bringing huge issues but all of this will be revealed on Regium Web Radio on the 29/11 (13:00 GMT).

Myself (Karl-Heinz Ottinger) and George Vafeiadis will analyse the month of December 2020 and we will discuss astrology forecasts for USA, United Kingdom, Germany, China – and more.

For 12/11/2020 – We can see that the day shows us there will be many deceptions. Pay close attention to those who do laboratory tests as results may be wrong / incorrect or not how they appear.

You can see more about this post by clicking here. For more astrology reports, visit Uranian Astrolabor.

Thank you to Karl-Heinz Ottinger & Uranian Astrolabor for the post.

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