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Astrology Forecast April 2020

Astrology Forecast April 2020


April is now in sight and considering how the year has been going so far, I thought it would be good to share this Astrology Forecast from my good friend – for April 2020.

Coronavirus is of course the main subject that everyone is talking about as it has affected everyone around the world but one thing we all need to remember – stay positive and stay home!

UK Astrology Forecast April 2020

On one hand, England is plagued by the Coronavirus and on the other hand, they have left the European Union and by seeing what is happening around the world, they have now realised that the European Union is a gang.

At this time, England has the KR/AD = SA equation on it’s map and this says: “I am in a difficult position because of this separation or isolation. Treatment by unfair means. A tough deal.

Things are definitely not easy for the UK and in regards to the Coronavirus, we’ll see that there will be a very sharp rise in the number of cases.

Worldwide Astrology Forecast April 2020

If you’d like to see more forecasts for the month of April 2020, please make sure you CLICK HERE.

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