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Astrology Forecast: What Will Happen 20/11/2020

Astrology Forecast: What Will Happen 20/11/2020


Thank you to Karl-Heinz Ottinger and Uranian Astrolabor for sharing this post with us, the astrology forecast for 20th November, 2020.

Dear Friends, I greet you.

In my life, I have grown up by having my mind and soul following the phrase “Every man dies but not every man lives…” (Braveheart).


In America, the state of Michigan stopped the counting and validating of votes because there were allegations of falsifications by President Donald Trump. After it was found that there were indeed irregularities there was a halt in the process and there are now more indications of widespread irregularities within the state….

Looking at this, we can see that a ‘chain reaction’ is coming and this is something which I predicted a while ago…

According to the website – a Philadelphia lawyer who represented the Trump campaign has been placed under official protection after receiving death threats – according to court papers which were filed on Wednesday night.

The attorney, Linda Kerns, was also the subject of threats and harm to which the involvement of Police and US Marshals has been necessary for her safety.

Overall, the day should have the title, “Beware of the authorities” – keep your eyes open. Resignation. Secrets within relationships. Thoughts and desires for changes in some terms. Understanding thoughts which can lead to changes taking place.

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