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Makeup Launches In April 2020

Makeup Launches In April 2020


Yes, we may be spending all our time at home but just because of the current situation, it doesn’t mean that we can’t appreciate all the new makeup launches from the beauty world.

We’re now in April and it’s officially Spring, so expect lots of gorgeous pastel hues and pops of brighter colours and tones.

Givenchy Le 9 De Givenchy Eyeshadow Palette – New Makeup Launches April 2020


Now, considering that this is a Spring palette, I personally expected to see colourful, brighter colours. It’s slightly disappointing and looks more like a palette that I’d expect to see in the Autumn instead…

Depending on where you shop, this ranges from £48 upwards – I don’t think it’s worth it and there’s other brands out there with Spring-worthy tones.

Estee Lauder Limited Edition Azur “The Summer Look” Palette


Moving onto this eyeshadow palette from Estee Lauder. It’s a stunning palette and I love the packaging – more so than the actual colours inside! 🙂

This is a limited edition palette which is called “The Summer Look” and as you can see, this has lovely colours to compliment those glowing tans, if we can go on holiday this year….

One colour stands out the most for me and it’s the beautiful gem green which you can see in the palette. Rich green tones like the shade compliment all skin tones and all eye colours.

What Does Green Do For Eye Colours?

Brown Eyes – Makes brown eyes pop and brings out the ‘chocolate’ tones.

Green Eyes – Draws out the gorgeous deep green shades and makes then even greener!

Blue Eyes – Captures the blue-green shades and completely brightens the eye area.

Hazel Eyes – Brings out the chocolate tones and makes the green stand out even more.

Basically, for all eye colours, green just brings out the best in them. That’s why I always recommend using a beautiful rich green eyeliner in the Spring / Summer especially – it brightens and compliments every shade.

Priced at £45, I’d recommend this instead of the Givenchy palette.

Benefit Hello Happy Stick Foundation


The “Happy” foundation from Benefit Cosmetics is now on offer, from £28 to £24.22 on Debenhams! Shop Here

See Also

Described as a lightweight foundation, something like this is great for the Spring and Summer months when you don’t want to wear too much on your skin.

I’d personally get a few different shades so I can use them to conceal, brighten and contour.

Lighter Shade – Use this under the eyes, along the nose and T-zone to ‘brighten’.

Your Own Shade – On summer evenings, when you want to dress-up and go out for an evening, use a little amount on your skin just for extra glam!

Darker Shade – Use this to contour or add a lovely glow to your skin. What I love about foundation sticks is that there’s no need for bronzing powder. Just add highlighter where needed.

For more products, make sure you check out Allure and Glamour Magazine with their editors picking the best products for April 2020.

Layla x

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