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Motivation Monday: Dream

Motivation Monday: Dream



Motivation Monday: Dream – Good Morning everyone, I hope you’re all well and feeling refreshed after a lovely weekend!

I know I disappear from time to time but I’m back with my Monday Motivation posts and today it’s all about your dreams – and following them!

I’m not talking about those dreams where you’re flying, I’m talking about your actual ‘dreams’ and goals.

Motivation Monday: Dream – Follow Them!

If there’s on person that will tell you to dream and to not listen to anyone else – it’s me!

Like I’ve mentioned in this post and this post here – I started writing a blog by chance, I didn’t think it could become something that I could make a living out of….I enjoyed it and that was it.

After a while, people started to question my blog and told me to ‘get a real job‘ but if I didn’t dream or have any goals and listened to them, I wouldn’t be sat here writing this post!

If you’re a hardworking, determined person and really believe in the end goal then dream and go for it – no matter what age you are, who you are or where you are….GO FOR IT! 🙂

Motivation Monday: Dream – When you ‘Dream‘ Becomes a Nightmare

Sometimes when things get tough you DO feel like you want to give up on your dream which has started turning into a nightmare…

I will always say that things aren’t easy – I’ve said it in the past and I’ll say it again, writing a blog full-time isn’t easy (read this post for proof) and there’s been SO many times when I thought about giving up.

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However my drive and love for writing /blogging kept me motivated – I always want to improve on my blog and make it a great place for all you readers.

There’ll be good and bad times (with everything in life) but you have to get through all these ‘tests’ and keep following your dream……

Always believe in yourself and do what you love – life is too short!


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