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Motivation Monday: Never Give Up

Motivation Monday: Never Give Up



Motivation Monday: Never Give Up – If there’s one thing I want to do through this blog, it’s to motivate and inspire people…..

Don’t get me wrong – I love writing my beauty product reviews and sharing my outfit posts with you all however sometimes I feel the need to write more so I’m hopingΒ I’ll be able to keep this up every week with my ‘Motivation Monday’ posts!

Motivation Monday – Never Give Up

This is something that I wish everyone could live by – never give up!

When I started working as a makeup artist, people didn’t consider it as a real job but it’s what I wanted do!

I worked hard, got as much experience as I could to build my portfolio and slowly the work started rolling in…..I got offered work on photoshoots, theatre and even worked abroad on a TV show!

I loved it but over time I realised that the drive and love I had for the job started to fade, when that happens you need to get out before you eventually hate what you loved.

Out of the blue, I was sat at home and I thought it would be a good idea to write a blog about beauty products and reviews –Β I’d just bought a face cream which was slightly pricey but smelt terrible and that’s how I fell into the world of blogging! (Some things are just meant to be)

My beauty blog quickly turned into a fashion and beauty blog, thanks to all you wonderful readers requesting to see more outfits! πŸ™‚

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To sum up, what I really want to sayΒ is that you should never give up, we go through times that are difficultΒ but if I’d listened to all those people that told me to get a ‘normal job‘ I wouldn’t have even worked in make-up, I wouldn’t have gained experience and I wouldn’t be sat here writing this right now.

Never give up on what you love, if you have drive, determination and patience, everything will work out – never let anyone tell you otherwise!

So, there’s my first Monday Motivation post – I’d love to hear some of your stories so please comment below! πŸ™‚


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