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Instagram Likes Are Being Removed – But, It’s Not That Bad!

Instagram Likes Are Being Removed – But, It’s Not That Bad!

So, you’ve all heard about Instagram likes being removed but you know what – it’s not actually that bad!

Despite there being a big backlash across social media, I think a lot of people have seen this in the wrong way when this could actually benefit people so much more…

Smaller Bloggers / Influencers – Instagram Likes Are Being Removed

For smaller bloggers and influencers, this could benefit their platform allowing them to reach a wider audience.

Instagram has mentioned that with the amount of likes not being shown – it will also help with the content you’re shown on the photo-sharing platform.

Getting rid of the amount of likes on each photo, this will allow people to publish more to the platform, bring more people to Instagram and allow people to focus on their content.

Sharing the “things you love the most”.

Brands – Instagram Likes Are Being Removed

Brands need to set an example and actually look at the people they’re working with.

More often than not, the only thing which is looked at is the amount of likes on an Instagram post rather than the content.

Maybe, just maybe – this way brands will actually start looking at genuine influencers and bloggers (smaller or larger).

You know, those people who actually spend time on creating quality content for their following and really caring about a brand they work with….

Algorithm – Instagram Likes Are Being Removed

Algorithm is a big thing on Instagram and as briefly mentioned above, the platform has stated that things will be changing.

With the removal of likes being shown on the photos, (according to Instagram) it will help with the algorithm – showing you content that you actually want to see and generally interact with.

Positivity, Mental Health and Pressure – Instagram Likes Are Being Removed

We need to create a positive environment on social media and by removing ‘likes’ we also remove the feeling of competition.

There’s so many young people out there who feel like if they don’t get enough likes – they’re not worthy and THAT’S NOT THE CASE!

Again, with the removal of likes – it will help people overall. We remove that element of competition.

People will focus more on the content being created and more on the person they’re following.

YOU Can Still See Your Likes – Instagram Likes Are Being Removed

The thing that I don’t understand is why so many people are complaining about not being able to see how many likes are on a photo.

YOU WILL STILL BE ABLE TO SEE YOUR LIKES and insights which you’ll also be able to share with brands – if you’re a blogger / influencer for example.

Again, this comes back to my first and second point – maybe this way, we’ll see smaller influencers and bloggers reaching a wider audience and maybe we’ll see brands approach different influencers.

We constantly see the top 10 bloggers, for example, all sharing the same product or paid partnership with the same brands.

Maybe this will be the change needed for more bloggers to “make their mark” and reach a new and wider audience.

Overall, social media shouldn’t be a competition – it should be a place where positivity is shared and where people can share the things they love.

Bloggers and brands should look at the older days – things were much more genuine in terms of brand partnerships and this could be a step in that direction.

I’d love to know what you all think about this and happy to hear your thoughts and opinions too! 🙂

Layla x

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  • Well kind of sad to say life itself is a competition. I have a love/hate relationship with IG. I love the idea of sharing images but I do not like the constantly changing algorithm and all algorithms that are designed the same way…to only show about %10 of what is out there. This method of algorithms are used EVERYWHERE: YouTube also uses a similarly structured algorithm. And even markets sites like Etsy and Society 6. People go to these sites only see about %10 or even less of what is on the site. So the same people sell and sell and sell while the majority sell nothing b/c nobody sees their shop.

    Pretty stupid if you ask me as the company takes a cut and they could be making a lot more money…just saying.

    You make some valid points. But does this really change anything? If you still have access to your likes and still use this metric to reach out to brands I am not sure if will change anything at all except now it will just he hidden. I guess we will see. But worst then that is only showing your post to %20 of your followers, seriously are they trying to lose people?…

    And what will they change next?

    Allie of

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