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Fendi Cafe In London – Opens in Harrods

Fendi Cafe In London – Opens in Harrods


A lot of people complain about London but it really is one of the best places to visit and now, there’s an extra reason – the Fendi Cafe in London!

From the photos, this is unlike any other cafe you’ve seen – it’s not colourful but it’s Fendi!

Fendi Cafe In London – Where is it?


OK, so you’ll be able to find the cafe in Harrods – located on the fifth floor.

It won’t be there forever though, the cafe will only be open throughout July and August so make sure you visit before it closes.

NoteThere’s a lot of coffee bars and dining available in Harrods. If you get lost – please ask someone for directions!

Fendi Cafe In London – The Menu


I haven’t been to the cafe but from what I know, the menu has been specially curated for the ‘pop-up’ coffee bar.

Taking it’s inspiration from Italy – the home of the luxury fashion house.

You can order a number of things including a Fendi logo coffee, Fendi bag-shaped biscuits and a double ‘FF’ cake.

Are vegan options available? Oh, I hope so!

Fendi Cafe In London – Inside The Cafe


As you can see in the photos, if you’re expecting colour – you won’t find it in the cafe.

The place has been completely transformed with a monochrome contemporary design.

Featuring a high-end design element that I think will be really nice to see in person.

If you do see a little bit of colour, it’ll be at the peek-a-boo bar….


Looking through the photos, this is a truly unique pop-up cafe.

If you’re a fashion lover or simply someone who likes checking out new things – make sure you visit – and let me know what you think!

Once it closes, it’s gone!

Layla x

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