This iPhone Space Bar Hack Will Change The Way You Message!

THIS is the iPhone Space Bar Hack Which Has Gone Viral!

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A new iPhone hack has gone viral and yes - for all the right reasons! Here, you can see the iPhone space bar hack which taken the world by storm and which will also change the way you message.

iPhone Space Bar Hack

So, what's the hack which has taken the world by storm? THIS is the iPhone space bar hack which has gone viral and which will change the way you message!

You know how sometimes, there's a typo which you want to edit so you drag the cursor over the word/letter, highlight and edit? You no longer need to do that!

With this iPhone hack, you simply hold and press the space bar which turns it into an interactive joystick, allowing you to move and place the cursor right into the middle of the word.

Give it a go - it's a lot easier to edit typo's and autocorrect and will change the way you message!

We love finding hacks like this so if you knew about it - well done! If you didn't, you're welcome! 馃檪


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    • Layla
      17th December 2018 / 1:47 pm

      Haha – glad you like this, it’s a great tip! 馃檪 x

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