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The Right Way To Get Rid Of Your Old Phone

The Right Way To Get Rid Of Your Old Phone


The Right Way To Get Rid Of Your Old Phone

It's always great to de-clutter your home and go through any belongings which you don't want anymore however do you know that there's a right way to rid rid of your old phones?

The Sprinkles of Style team have got you covered.


Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone and if you've been using a smartphone for years then you've probably built up a small collection of devices and have no idea what to do them.

Many of them can act as hand-me-downs for younger siblings but what do you do when they finally stop working?

Most people tend to throw them in the rubbish however you shouldn't - there are much better ways to get rid of your old phone and ways that could actually benefit you.

Here at Sprinkles of style HQ - we're all about helping the environment and below we've mentioned some things which you should consider.

It's a sad fact that phones contain many nasty substances - things which we can't see as they're substances found in the batteries and other components so it's not recommended that you throw a phone in the bin - yes, even if it doesn't work.

These days, there are so many recycling services available - some will collect from your home, others will send you a pre-paid package to send unwanted phones to them.

If you're like us then you'll be thinking about the environment too so here is something to consider when you're looking to de-clutter, organise and put your old phones to a better use.

Remember, even completely broken phones can be saved - yes! They can be repaired or recycled in an eco-friendly manner and that is good for the world.

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So, before you throw your phone into a bin - make sure you check out all the other recycling options which are available as things could benefit you too.

It may seem like nothing however if we all come together and do our part then we can make a difference when it comes to the atmosphere and looking after the world we live in.

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