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12 Hours in Frankfurt

12 Hours in Frankfurt


12 Hours in Frankfurt

Find out what Layla got up to when she spent 12 hours in Frankfurt, Germany on her recent visit.


Hey everyone - it's Layla!

I hope you're all well and having a great week so far! Here is another travel post for you all, featuring my 12 hours in Frankfurt after my recent visit.

Travelling from the UK by car, I stopped off in different places which you can see on my social media pages (Instagram, Facebook & Twitter) and towards the bottom of this post, you'll also be able to see my Vlog from Frankfurt.


12 Hours in Frankfurt, Germany - Travel Guide 

I arrived in Frankfurt around midday and made my way to the hotel, unpacking and having a shower.

Despite being on the road for many, many hours - I still decided to go out and explore the city.

Staying in the Ibis Hotel, it was close to everything and after asking the staff, they told me that there was a tram-line just around the corner which took you all over Frankfurt.

The staff then recommended that I visit the Skyline Plaza Mall due to the cold (it was so cold) weather and it wasn't even 10 minutes away by tram which was such a delight!

12 Hours in Frankfurt - Travel Guide (Skyline Plaza Mall) 

You'll be able to see more photos below but the Skyline Plaza Mall in Frankfurt is absolutely beautiful.

As soon as you enter - you're greeted by the beautiful architecture and design. Overall, the atmosphere was really calm and just perfect after a long day travelling.

Walking around the mall, there's such a variety of shops - ranging from affordable boutiques to high-end designer stores but one part really stood out for me.

On the second floor of the mall, there was a beautiful cafe with huge windows overlooking the city - it was such a lovely view as it had just started getting darker and you could see all the lights in the distance.

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After a little bit of shopping, the travelling caught up with me and I ended up buying some food for the rest of the evening, making my way back to the hotel.


12 Hours in Frankfurt - VLOG

See My Vlog below!



You know that I love reading your comments so let me know what you think - have you visited Frankfurt?

What did you think?


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