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Motivation Monday – Success Is The Best Revenge

Motivation Monday – Success Is The Best Revenge



Motivation Monday – Success Is The Best Revenge

Hey everyone! So, I hope you’re all well and having a great start to the week – it’s Monday which means this is another Motivation Monday post for you all!

I’m actually so happy at how popular these posts are, a lot of you have started emailing me to ask me if there will be a new one every week and so far, so good! 🙂

Sometimes, things happen in our life and we don’t know why – we might get treated in an unexpected way from someone we thought we could have trusted, we might see a new side to people which we didn’t even know existed.

I’ve been told a lot of negative things in my life – “You’re not clever enough“, “You don’t really have a way with words“, “You’ll never achieve what you want” “You’re too sensitive“- the worst “You live in a dream world“.

I’m the type of person who remembers everything and the best way to show people what you’re capable of isn’t by arguing – it’s by success.

I’m now able to work in my own time and do what I love day-in and day-out…. to the people that told me “you don’t have a way with words” – really!? 😉

I write new posts every single day and I’m now lucky enough to write two different blogs, if that’s not having a way with words then I don’t know what to say to you.

When I was younger, I’d actually listen to the negativity whereas now I’ve learned to take it all on board and use it to my advantage.

I turn the negativity into determination and drive – this helps me push myself further and further to show people what I’m capable of.

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So before you sit there and accept the negativity – turn it into a positive and make it work for you!

Follow your dreams and do what you want in your life, no one can stop you from doing what you love and living your life the way you want.

Don’t listen to the negativity and if you do – turn it into a positive!

Success is the best revenge! 🙂


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