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How To Motivate Yourself In A World Of Distraction

How To Motivate Yourself In A World Of Distraction

How To Motivate Yourself In A World Of Distraction 

Everyday we hear of upsetting news and a lot of things happen all around the world and sometimes – we don’t even hear about it!

In this post, I thought it would be a good time to share some motivation about how to motivate yourself in a world of distraction.

We all have to start somewhere and no matter how low we feel – we can turn things around as every path to success has to start somewhere!

Make your day today, motivate yourself with a healthy mind and body.

Prepare Mentally and Physically 

One thing I always mention in my motivation posts is to be grateful for every single thing in your life!

There are people in worse situations and so many people would dream to be in your situation so always be thankful for the things you do have and stop focusing on things you don’t have.

Start you day in a healthy, positive way – it’ll help you in the long run and with a positive mindset, you’ll only attract positive your way too.

De-clutter on things you don’t need and try to reduce the amount of time you spend glued to your phone – I’ll be the first to say that I spend a lot of time on social media and lately I have started taking a step back and appreciating the little things.

Did you know that a tenth of smartphone owners reach for their phone as soon as they wake up? That’s according to research from Deloitte

Increase your exercise – in the UK, it’s not great when it comes to the weather….. who want’s to walk in the rain?

There’s no excuse really, head to your local gym or sign-up for a yoga class at least once a week – this will help you stay fit, keep motivated, focused and generally improve the way you feel.

Set Realistic Goals

Don’t think that you have to completely change the way you are – that won’t work! Instead focus on little goals and make sure that you stick to them.

Be realistic with the way you want to incorporate things into your routine and start off small – you’ve got to learn to crawl before you can get up and walk.

Be smart, focused and don’t let anything get in your way – if you want to achieve something, stick to it!

If you set yourself a small (or new) goal – stick to it, be determined and always remain focused! You’ll feel so good once you achieve it! 🙂

Confidence in Yourself, Who You Are and Your path 

Self-confidence is something that a lot of people struggle with – I know I did!

If you would have met me 10 years ago, I was a completely different person – I had no confidence in myself or what I did, I didn’t stand up for myself and felt really bad about saying “no“.

Fast forward to today and I feel like I’m a completely different person – I’m confident in what I do, I’m happy with the path I’ve chosen and I know that it’s OK to say “no” if I don’t agree with certain things.

I don’t look at other people or compare myself to others – we are all unique and beautiful in our own way and we need to support and help one another.

Always make sure that you look at yourself in a positive light – you need to believe in yourself and know that you are worth every bit of good as the next person.

Try and build your confidence over time, push yourself to do things that you wouldn’t normally do and you’ll really start to see a difference.

Be creative with different things and always remain open-minded about new things which happen in your life – everything happens for a reason and more often than not, it’s to put you on the right path and to guide you in the right way.

You could even have fun with things and try a tarot reading to give you knowledge and insight – find the right tarot reader and it could help you understand certain things which you might not have noticed.

Once you set yourself a goal – remain confident in why you chose it and don’t lose sight of why you set it in the first place.

Life really is beautiful and you never know where it can take you. 

If I can share one thing with people – it’s hopefully a little bit of motivation and a boost to know that everyone goes through difficult times.

Think positive and positive will come back to you – make things positive for yourself and never let negativity take over.

Make sure you’re happy, enjoy everything that you do and test yourself with your comfort zones from time to time!

Life is here to be enjoyed – at the end of the day, it’s only the memories that we create that will actually count for anything.


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