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Kindness Doesn’t Cost A Thing

Kindness Doesn’t Cost A Thing


Kindness Doesn't Cost A Thing 

Being kind is one of the most powerful things we can do to help one another - you never know what someone is going through so always be kind..... it could make their day, week or change their life in the some way. 

Kindness Doesn't Cost A Thing 

For those of you who know me, you'll know that I'm a person who encourages people to help one another. 

Unfortunately, we live in a sad world where more people focus on themselves and what they can gain from others rather than seeing how they can help and support others

A quick example is to look at the blogging industry - I've been to so many events and met so many people, a lot of which are two-faced (see this post here) or only look at you as a blogger with X amount of followers rather than the person you are. 

I always see the good in things though and this has taught me a lot. Through my experiences (in and out of blogging) I've grown and now look at things from a different angle. 

Be kind to one another and support each other in a genuine way. Don't support or follow bloggers simply to gain followers yourself.

 START at the bottom of this post, in the comments.

Write to other bloggers who comment and start a discussion about your favourite fashion brands or beauty products - take the time to chat with one another, be kind and you never know - you might create a lovely online group or develop a friendship. 


Kindness Doesn't Cost A Thing

It doesn't cost a penny to be kind to someone and you never ever know who you're helping.

You don't know what someone could be going through and even though they might smile at you - they might be crying on the inside.

One act of kindness is all it takes to help someone - it could make their day, month, year or even change everything for them.

Being kind is one of the most powerful tools we have and if we all take a step back, without judging each other, and look at the person for who they are - you can really help them. 

Don't look at a man in a suit and think "He's rich" - he could have just lost everything in his business. 

Don't look at a child who's smiling and think "They're happy" - that same child could be getting bullied at school. 

Don't look at a pretty-dressed woman and think "She must be a snob" - she might have no confidence in herself or worked really hard to be able to afford nice clothing. 

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The thing I want to get across is that you NEVER know what someone else is going through. 

BE KIND - you don't know who you're helping and if we all share acts of kindness, the world will become a better place.

A little bit of kindness goes a very, very long way. If we ALL do something kind (no matter how small the gesture) then we can take a step in the right direction and change everything.

As mentioned above, take the time to chat to each other and start from now! At the bottom of this post, in the comments - network with one another and chat about your favourite fashion brands or beauty products. 

Simple acts of kindness and support can make someones day! 🙂

I'd love to know what you all think about this post and can't wait to see all your lovely comments below! 


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