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If Life gets Blurry, Adjust The Focus

If Life gets Blurry, Adjust The Focus


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If Life Gets Blurry, Adjust The Focus

Written By: Layla

Location: Athens, Greece

Sometimes, we need to take a step back and re-focus our energy on something else, something new....

Life isn't perfect but the perfect part about life is the fact that we can take control of everything and turn our lives into something that we want.

Sometimes, all we need is to take a little step back and look at what we like, look at what we want more /less of in our life and then re-focus our energy onto something else, something new which could then lead us onto a new path.

The beauty of life is that we can do anything we like at any moment....


"If Life Gets Blurry, Adjust The Focus"

I love this quote and feel like it's really fitting for this post (not to mention the photos too) as this captures the whole meaning of re-focusing your energy into something else.

Life is to be lived and at any moment, you CAN make a change, you CAN go after your dreams and if you're not happy in your current situation, you CAN do something about it.

If you look at people and admire a certain lifestyle, there's nothing stopping you from creating that lifestyle for yourself. The only thing stopping you - is you!

So, as the quote says, when life gets blurry you adjust the focus - do that to your life too.

When you're not happy, make little changes here and there, embrace opportunities which come your way and you'll see that not only your life will change for the better but your mindset and approach will too!

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Career change? Focus your energy on something new, something you enjoy - it could be something as simple as changing department stores you work for or it could be a complete career change.

Location change? Not happy in your current home? Look around and see what options are available around your budget, you could find the home of your dreams.

At the back of your mind, always remember that life is to be lived - if you're unhappy, make a change.

Hope you're all having a wonderful day!

x x x

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  • I adore this quote too – how powerful it is and how true! You analyzed it beautifully dear and what a powerful first paragraph you wrote. I love how the photos went hand in hand with this post too and how you captured the blurred focused amazingly. I think when life gets blurry, we tend to just turn and walk in the different direction, searching for the opening in which it’s clear. However, turning from our fears and not facing the problem just makes it bigger so it’s better to push through and adjust your view, finding light in every moment and always searching for the good. Best wishes for the week ahead dear! xx

    • Ah thank you lovely – really happy that you like this post! It’s a lovely quote and I think so many people can reflect with this and me too! I always like making little changes here and there, giving myself time and allowing myself to look at things differently and it makes such a difference x

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