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Motivation Monday: How To Be Productive Without Motivation

Motivation Monday: How To Be Productive Without Motivation



How To Be Productive Without Motivation – Yes! My Monday Motivation posts are back and today it’s all about how to be productive when you have no motivation whatsoever!

It’s happened to all of us and when it comes to writing a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog – you do have to find different ways to make your mind work.

How To Be Productive Without Motivation – Time Limits

OK, so this might not work for everyone but from my personal point of view – it does!

One thing that I absolutely love about writing a blog is the freedom that comes with it and sometimes, it’s too much freedom – I tend to work better when I’m working towards a deadline or when I have a short timescale to post.

Set yourself a time limit to get things done – you might not feel motivated but the “need” of having to do something in a set time could make you work more and one the end, once things are done, you’ve got more time for yourself!

How To Be Productive Without Motivation – Early Starts

Yes – this actually does work!

I absolutely love waking up early – I feel like I get sooooo much more done!

Think about it, when you wake up early you have much more time for yourself.

Have a shower, have a cup of coffee, go through emails and write-up or re-read your post before publishing. Then do your hair, makeup etc and trust me, you’ll feel so much calmer – you’ll get things done, be more productive and that’s without motivation!

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How To Be Productive Without Motivation – Split up ‘Big’ tasks

Another little tip that I’ve learnt from previous jobs……if you have a big task to get through and feel like you ‘just can’t go through with it‘ then break it into steps and mini-tasks.

This will allow you to work harder but in less time and the best thing about it, you’ll feel like you’re getting much more done meaning you’ll be positive and happy.

Split tasks and say you’ll get each task done within 15 minutes, once the 15 minutes is up – treat yourself to a piece of chocolate, a biscuit or a coffee! You’ll have something to look forward to after 15 minutes AND you’re giving yourself a break! 🙂

So there we have a few tips on how to be productive without motivation – it’s all about reducing the stress in your life, we all have enough as it is so try to remain positive and face things head-on….you don’t need motivation to be more productive – you just need to think outside the box! 🙂


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