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Relax With Frontera Merlot

Relax With Frontera Merlot



Relax With Frontera Merlot – It’s Wednesday which means that we’re “officially” halfway through the week and ever-closer to Friday (and the weekend) however if you’re anything like me your weekends are still considered as ‘work-days’ especially when you’ve got lots of posts to write and photos to edit & upload!

I always find that after a long-day at work it’s nice to relax and unwind with a glass of wine, whether you’re cooking a meal for your friends and family, watching your favourite shows or having a pamper evening and relaxing in the bath – my favourite!

Recently I was introduced to a brand called Frontera – I’d seen their wines in-stores but didn’t actually get round to trying any of their wines however the Frontera Merlot is fast becoming a favourite!

In the winter months I find myself choosing red wine whereas in the summer I go for white wine – I personally think red wine is quite ‘warming’ compared to white wine which is ‘fresh’ and ‘crisp’

Frontera Merlot – Taste

OK, so before I start I want to state that I’m not a big drinker! I can’t go into the specifics of the drink as I’m not an expert but I will try and describe in as much detail as possible of how this tasted.

Like I mentioned above, in the winter months I tend to choose red wine – there’s something about that beautiful rich shade that makes me feel ‘warm’ and it’s perfect to have just one glass when you’re relaxing in the bath or catching up on your favourite TV shows.

I’d describe the Frontera Merlot as a smooth wine, it’s rather rich, sweet and tastes fruity which I absolutely love! If you prefer ‘dry’ red wine then I wouldn’t recommend this for you but if you’re like me and prefer red wine to be smooth and have depth (full-bodied) with fruity tones – you’ll love it just as much as me!

Frontera Merlot – Purchase

This is actually a bargain as it’s currently available in Tesco for just £6.00 – if you don’t like red wine then just stock-up for when your friends and family come to visit. 🙂

You really can’t go wrong!

Click Frontera Merlot 75cl to view!

frontera-merlot-review frontera-merlot-review frontera-merlot-review

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Pssst – did anyone notice that I’m colour-coordinated? Haha!

I’d love to read all your comments and see what you think about this wine – have you tried it? What’s your favourite wine?

I’d love to know! 🙂


(Please drink responsibly)


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