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Spring 2020 Style Guide

Spring 2020 Style Guide


Even though it may not seem like it today, we have seen improvements in the weather with the sun shining, the weather getting warmer and the flowers starting to bloom!

Spring is on the way and the best thing for all of us fashion lovers is the transition from winter to spring and seeing all the new styles and clothing.

Even though a lot of us are stuck at home, that doesn’t mean we can’t do our online shopping whilst browsing through new patterns and styles so here’s a post about things we could look forward to this spring!

Here are some of the styles to look out for .

Collars – Spring 2020 Style Guide

Even though a lot of us will now be working from home, that doesn’t mean that you can’t still look smart!

Collars are going to be huge this spring – on shirts, sweaters, dresses and coats.

What’s more, there’s some styles to look out for such as contrasting colours.

Yep – look out for brands creating lovely designs such as collars that are different colours to the rest of your clothing. Who said you can’t look smart and still have fun?

Crochet – Spring 2020 Style Guide


Take inspiration from Olivia Palermo! Crochet is going to get an update for Spring and that means things will get colourful.

Step away from typical white crochet and look at patterns like above.

It’s all about finding inspiration and if full crochet is too much – why not look at striking feminine dresses and eveningwear that all have a touch of crochet.

Highlighter Brights – Spring 2020 Style Guide

Spring is one of the best times to add more colour to your life! Even if the current circumstances aren’t helping (post to help coming soon) there’s no reason why you can’t add a little bit of colour to your wardrobe.

Whilst we’ve been looking at pastel colours, this spring, it’s all about bright, bold and fluorescent colours! Think highlighter colours – pink, blue, yellow and orange!

Start off with small accessories such as a belt, headscarf or bag if you don’t want to go all out….

Faux Leather – Spring 2020 Style Guide


Faux leather is key over Spring! There’s so many brands and designers out there who are developing new types of leather.

Even though it’s all about colour, you can style a faux leather skirt with a bright top or wear an all black outfit with a faux leather colourful bag.

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For those who only want a small amount of faux leather, why not look at choosing jeans with a small faux leather panel.

It’s set to be a big look for spring and you can definitely style things in your own way!

Polka-dots – Spring 2020 Style Guide

This is a trend that never seems to go away – it just seems to get re-invented each season with different styles and / or colours!

A fun way to add a touch of colour to your wardrobe and it’s something that can easily take you from Spring to Summer and even through to the Winter season!

I always love hearing from you so let me know if there’s any trends that you’re looking forward to seeing this Spring and Summer.

There’s a lot of fun trends out there and it’s always great to browse online and get creative with looks – there’s always something new and it’s always great to hear what you think!

Thankfully we have online shopping, websites and blogs so you can keep up with all the latest!

Layla x

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