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How To Fake A Healthy Glow

How To Fake A Healthy Glow



How To Fake A Healthy Glow – Yep, it’s here! This is a post that a lot of you have been asking me about, it’s how to fake a healthy glow.

With summer on the way, I’ve selected a variety of products that are lightweight, natural and give your skin a beautiful, healthy – natural look.

How To Fake A Healthy Glow – Before Makeup

OK, so after cleansing your skin and before applying any makeup, I’d recommend using a lightweight facial oil like The Body Shop Vitamin E Oil.

I know it’s more of a night-time/before-bed product BUT this is great to use as a base – it’ll nourish your skin during the day (as you wear it) and due to the formula your skin will instantly have look healthier.

How To Fake A Healthy Glow – Makeup

I’ve picked a few products ranging from affordable to high-end as I feel these work best for me personally when I want to fake a healthy glow.

If there’s other products that you prefer then feel free to use them! 🙂

Starting with the Clarins True Radiance Foundation – it’s in the name really!  I love this foundation as the formula is really lightweight, gives your skin a lovely glow plus it has brightening properties which is perfect for the look you’re trying to achieve.

I normally apply it using the Nanshy Angled Brush but lately I’m also loving the B. Blending Sponge .

As this is quite a natural look, I’ll skip the bronzer but you can add some for extra depth if you wish.

On the apples of the cheeks (plumpest part when you smile) apply a cream blush – I love the Essence Cosmetics Soo Blush as it’s a cream-to-powder meaning it applies like a cream and dries into a powder……once it’s set – it’s set!

Highlighter is a must when it comes to faking a healthy glow – if you have perfect skin, I’d say use highlighter and mascara only!
The KIKO Highlighting Ball is a product that I didn’t think I’d like as much but this creamy highlighter blends along the cheekbone beautifully and again, sets like a powder and looks great all day long!

Followed by 2 coats of the Elizabeth Grand Entrance Mascara and like I always say, use black mascara – it’s so much better and defines your eyes instantly!

Finally a touch of the Revlon Colorbust Lip Stain – I apply a few dots and then using my ring finger blend/dab into skin for a ‘stained‘ look…..I also think it lasts longer this way too!

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How To Fake a Healthy Glow – What To Look Out For?

As you can see from above, I like keeping this a relatively simple look as the focus isn’t on any of your features, this is a look to make your skin appear healthy even when you might not be feeling great yourself….

The products I’ve selected ALL have brightening properties in them – this is key when it comes to selecting your products as it instantly makes your skin look a lot healthier and makes your job in the morning, getting ready,  a lot easier too…

DSC_5364 clarins-true-radiance revlon-colo-lip-stain body-shop-vitamin-e elizabeth-arden-grand-entrance-mascara kiko-highlighter how-to-fake-a-healthy-glow-using-makeup


So there we have my selection of items for those of you who are wonderful how to fake a healthy glow – it’s something which can easily be done within 10-15 minutes meaning you can grab a cup of coffee before work too!

If you want this to be your ‘staple‘ look always make sure that you look for products that have brightening properties and ingredients which will nourish your skin during the day – it’s little things like this which help! 🙂


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