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Do London In Style

Do London In Style


Do London, in style! 

So, you're heading to one of the most famous cities in the world? Here's your guide on how to do London, in style!


London is one of the most famous cities in the world - it's home to some amazing monuments and it's famous for it's high-class shops and restaurants.

People flock from all around the world to view the sites and immerse themselves in the city culture - from the markets of Camden to the marvel of Harrods, it's all worth seeing.

If you're planning your trip to London soon - be sure to do it in style with a few of these tips which we've listed below for you.


Your Stay

There are some truly stunning hotels dotted all around London however if you're looking for something really stylish make sure you check out the locations in and around the city of London hotels.

Stay in the city centre if you're looking for something a little bit more upmarket and modern however if you're looking for something which is a bit more traditional with buildings which overlook the streets then make sure you check out hotels which are nearby to tourist attractions so you're close to everything.

A lot of people think that hotels will be extremely expensive in London however some hotels in London are up to 30% cheaper when compared to other big cities such as Manchester or Liverpool which are also fast becoming tourist destinations.


London is famous for it's high-end shopping lifestyle and if you're visiting London then you can't go without a trip to Harrods.

They sell absolutely everything and have exclusive items from all around the world however - things are a little bit pricey so it's worth saving up prior to visiting if you're someone who wants to splurge on some luxury.

You don't have to shop when visiting Harrods - you could just pop by to visit the store and sit in one of their many cafe's to enjoy a lovely coffee or hot chocolate which is lovely on a winter's day.

If you're travelling to London near Christmas time then you're definitely in for a treat as the store is decorated from head to toe in beautiful decorations making you feel like you've stepped out of London and into something which is located in New York.



The Food

This could be an expensive one depending on where you choose to eat - London has so many lovely restaurants which display different foods from all cultures.

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There's something for everyone - from delicious food stalls in Camden to the fine dining experience.

If you're doing London in style then you need to do the latter - The Ledbury is a firm favourite with people living in London but one thing is to note, you will need to have a fair bit of money set aside if you want luxury dining for your whole trip to London.

If you're looking to try out local street food then Camden is the place to check out - there's something for everyone and with a range of different cuisines you'll be able to eat relatively cheap and also mix things with a bit of shopping too!

Let us know if you're travelling to London anytime soon and what places you'll be visiting! 🙂

The Sprinkles of Style team.


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