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Breathe New Life Into Tired Bedrooms With 6 Simple Steps

Breathe New Life Into Tired Bedrooms With 6 Simple Steps


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Breathe New Life Into Tired Bedrooms With 6 Simple Steps 

Are you looking to update your bedroom? Find out how you can easily fall in love with your bedroom again as we share our simple steps below.


If your bedroom is feeling a little tired and looks like it needs a well-deserved makeover then this post is for you!

Giving your bedroom a facelift doesn't need to cost the earth nor does it need to take an entire week to get together - all you need to do is follow our simple tips to bring your bedroom back up into shape.

Say hello to a calm, relaxing and stylish space.



Plump Pillows

If you're anything like Layla then you'll love having pillows scattered (neatly we might add) on the bed and this is a great way to instantly transform the room.

Layering multiple pillows creates an interesting combination and if you play around with complimenting colours this will really bring the room to life and ensure that it looks truly inviting.

The general rule of thumb to create an interesting pillow display is to have large cushions at the back of the display and working your way to the front with the smallest pillows - depending on the size of your bed have 3-4 large pillows and work your way.

It's always good to play around with different colours, textures and patterns which will allow you to add your own unique touch to the room.

Bedroom Linen

Your bedroom linen sets the tone of the room - if you want your room to be fresh and welcoming then you need stylish crisp white sheets which will compliment the vibe you're going for.

If you're looking to bring a little hotel chic to the room - check out different stores and opt for white and cream luxury hotel bedlinen which will add a complete luxe feel to the room.

Rugs & Textiles

The textiles that you use in your room are also essential in creating a stylish and relaxing sleeping space. Soft cosy blankets can be used as throws for your bed to add another interesting dynamic to your bed.

If you can colour co-ordinate a pretty bed throw along with your pillows then this will really bring the whole room together for a chic and sophisticated vibe.

Let's not forget rugs! They're a really important element in the room - especially if you have hardwood or marble floors. Soft textiles not only feel great on colder days but instantly add warmth to a room.

Look at mixing and matching other styles of rugs if you're looking for a contrast otherwise look at complimenting colours and materials.

Curtains & Blinds

Did you know that your quality of sleep can actually be affected by something as simple as your curtains or blinds? It's essential to make sure that the curtains in the bedroom block out enough light to allow you to sleep soundly.

Opt for thick curtains which drop in an elegant manner and if you're going for a luxurious feel then make sure you also add made to measure blinds which not only block out light but they look lovely, chic and add a cosy touch to the room.

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Mirrors are every rooms best friend - they make rooms look more spacious and airy by adding an extra dimension to the space.

There's beautiful styles and frames available for everyone - all you need to do is browse online and check out different stores to see what's available and what will work for your room to give it that attractive accent feature that we all love.

You all know that we LOVE reading your comments so let us know what you think about these simple tips to updating your bedroom.

What colours do you find soothing and calming?

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