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Creating A Timeless Look With A Vintage Twist In Your Home

Creating A Timeless Look With A Vintage Twist In Your Home


Creating A Timeless Look With A Vintage Twist In Your Home 

Written By: The Sprinkles of Style Team 

Decorating any area of your home can be expensive and time consuming - that's why ensuring that the look you create stands the test of time.

When you decide on decorating a room, there are a few things to consider -  starting with a theme. Just because you're going for a timeless look, it doesn't mean that you can't use a certain style too.

One of the best ways is to add a  vintage twist to a neutral environment - using pale colours and small prints to add interest to the room along with adding the right vintage touches to maintain a classic and beautiful style.

When we say ‘vintage’ it mainly refers to 19th and 18th century style however, it's something which has been modernised.  Anything within the 20th century is too modern to be classed as vintage - and even though mid-century and 20s styles are all the rage, they can sometimes look more 'tired' rather than elegant with a vintage twist. 

Silver Over Gold

A lot of traditional vintage furnishings use a lot of heavy gold tones - where that looks completely in place in a stately home - maybe not so much in your house.

Switch gold for silver and you create a mirror effect which tricks the eye into seeing more space in the room.

It's also lighter than gold yet creates the same effect and can be so much easier to accessorise with a variety of colours.

Follow this silver leaf furniture guide to gain ideas of how you can incorporate silver into the main aspects of the room.

In the bedroom, why not look into a silver vanity or even a silver toned sledge bed frame?

In the living room, using a large mirror as a focal point does a lot to make the room feel bigger, and using a silver frame rather than a gold or wooden one continues the enlarging illusion.

You can also add silver accessories to any room such as vases, picture frames and decorative bowls. 

Ornate Yet Simple

Vintage to some people means bring and old furniture and originally, it would have been like that.

However with the advance in home decor and designers, things have changed and where the look would have been over-the-top.

It's now simple with neutral tones and elegant.

The benefit of introducing a vintage twist to your home rather than going the for the full-vintage look is the you get the benefit of accessorising the way things look without things being too modern or too vintage - finding the perfect balance between the two.

You can create classic borders on your doors and cabinets with strips of plywood and paint - this needs some creativity and adds craftsmanship to your home without having huge carved doorways.

Think about using block colours with splashes of colour or patterns which will add a unique feel to the room or you can opt for more neutral tones such as dove grey teamed with orchid purple cushions to add vibrance - in a simple way.  


So many people forget about the importance of lighting, and having the wrong lights can ruin the ambience of the room.

Whilst no one is suggesting you light a hundred candles over your dining table every night, a modern chandelier like the ones you can find here from Ikea  could be a wonderful option. Chandeliers don't have to be huge or make a massive statement, but it does add a touch of glamour to the room.

Chunky Furniture

Using large pieces of furniture is  a must if you want the vintage feel. Think about it, you're drawing inspiration from an era where people would look at who's home is fancier, who's home has more craftsmanship etc. Having larger pieces of furniture can also save space - weirdly enough.

Floor Boards & Rugs

Carpets are a no go - bare floorboards, or the appearance of them, can look fantastic and feel amazing however, they'r cold at times too and this is where a lovely snuggly rug comes into play. Combine modern with vintage here, look at mixing marble with thick rugs.

Area rugs shouldn't take up the entire space, place them strategically around the room to maximise the space while also covering your bare foot to bare floor ratio.

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Thick Fabrics

 Back in the day velvet was one of the richest fabrics - meant in both ways, but it can be over the top for some. Take a leaf out of the Egyptian book and use thick linen or a linen cotton blend.

Light Prints

We've mentioned how big prints can be overwhelming, on wallpaper and even on tiles and flooring - which can detract from the overall look of the room.

Keep your walls simple, with soft patterns if you want them, however keep any patterns you want in your home on one focal wall. If your couch is a dove grey with orchid purple then match an armchair to the cushions rather than the couch.

Revamp and Reuse

When adding a vintage twist to your home, it’s a good idea to actually use vintage things.

Antique markets are great for finding some truly beautiful pieces of craftsmanship. But that doesn’t mean that you have to use them as they are. Often certain pieces will need restoring to look as they did when new. But you can also revamp or redesign the piece to fit your new decor.

Use chalk paint over buffed veneers to make the piece lighter - or you can take it to a professional to redesign for you.

If, however, you manage to get your hands on a serious piece of classic furniture, then consider restoring it or selling it on to a collector rather than changing a piece of history.

You know here at Sprinkles of Style we love reading all your comments so make sure you let us know what you think about vintage home decor too. 

Do you have a vintage vibe in your home or do you prefer a more modern look?

The Sprinkles of Style Team 

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