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3 Tips When Using Patterns In Home Decor

3 Tips When Using Patterns In Home Decor


3 Tips When Using Patterns In Home Decor 

Many people lovingly renovate, redecorate and perfect the interior decor of their home and the Sprinkles of Style team is on hand - sharing their 3 tips for using patterns in your home decor. 

It's time to get creative! 

Rule #1 

Embrace The Beneficial Aspects Of Patterns 

Patterns aren't just pretty - they have a functional purpose too.

You don't have to go crazy when it comes to choosing your patterns and the beauty about it is that your home decor is completely unique to you. 

A geometric print on the rug can help the floor space look bigger and give the appearance of a brighter, lighter room whilst a patterned or textured curtain can help a room look (and feel) a lot more luxurious - it's the little details that count when it comes to making your house feel like a home. 

Check out the curtains here  -

Sometimes, as beautiful as they might be - solid blocks of colour don't have the ability to transform the room in the same way a pattern can do so. 

Patterns attract the eye (and attention) to the area - they can make rooms bigger and if you play around with different colours, they can add a creativity to the room unlike anything else. 

If you have bright rooms and make the most of natural light, the detail which can come from a pattern can make a room feel entirely different - and we mean in a good way. 🙂


Rule # 2

Patterns Are The Star Of The Show

Yep - they really are! If you have anything patterned in your home whether it's a rug, curtains, an art-print or cushions then they immediately become the focus of the room. 

If you don't want things to appear "too busy" then you can simply move furniture around and strategically place the items in different places so that they become their own focal point. 

For instance - don't have patterned curtains, patterned cushions AND a patterned rug in one room - move things about. Move the cushions to a spare room and add solid-colour cushions to the room which will balance out the pattern.

It's about having fun and getting creative.

Rule #3

If you're going to clash, then clash

Pattern mixing is something which is a staple in the interior design world but it's something that a lot of people tend to struggle with. 

How can you tell if patterns are clashing in the right way? 

The truth is - there's no set answer as everything is down to how you like a room to look and how you like to style your decor. 

See Also

There isn't anything right or wrong when it comes to interior decor as everything is down to how comfortable and happy a person feels in the room they're in once it's been decorated. 

Take a look at these tips here -

If you're going to clash patterns - don't hold back and take inspiration from this picture featured on the right. 

As you can see, the wall flooring shouldn't work with the black wooden wall but - it does and whilst other may think it's too much, others will love it. 


Have fun when it comes to the interior decor in your home, be brave and who knows - you might end up living in a home you've always dreamed of! 

The Sprinkles of Style Team 


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