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Catseye London – Deer on Rose Wash Bag

Catseye London – Deer on Rose Wash Bag


Catseye London - Deer on Rose Wash BagCatseye London Wash BagCatseye London - Deer On Rose Wash BagCatseye London Deer on Rose Wash BagCatseye London BeautyCatseye London Deer on Rose Washbag Catseye London Wash Bag - Inside

Catseye London – Deer on Rose Wash Bag *

Hello to all you lovely readers, I hope you’re all well!

Many of you may have seen previous posts of mine featuring items from Catseye London but for those of you who don’t know they’re a wonderful brand that launched in 2014 and they specialise in designing quirky, fun prints which then go onto beauty and fashion items and most recently expanding to home items too.

I’m so lucky to work with a brand like them as they truly are a breath of fresh air and every collection seems to get better and better!

Catseye London – Deer on Rose Wash Bag – Design

I mean, do I really need to sit here and type how adorable this design is???

It’s SO cute, girly and extremely pretty!

As soon as I saw this I knew that this would become my main beauty/make-up bag from now on….it’s absolutely adorable and when I reach for my daily skincare and make-up products I smile just looking at this.

I love the delicate pops of pink on the outer edges of the bag, zip and on the actual design all bringing it together beautifully.

Catseye London – Deer on Rose Wash Bag – Size

All Catseye London Wash Bag’s are the same size and I’ve listed the dimensions below for you.

One Size: H18 W31 D7 cm

I’ve tried to show in the picture how spacious it actually is, you can fit so much in the wash bags and there’s also little side pockets for accessories, hair clips, cotton wool etc.

Catseye London – Deer on Rose Wash Bag – Uses

I tend to use this for my daily essentials and as I have a couple of wash bags I tend to use each one for a specific reason….this deer on rose wash bag contains my skincare items so my daily cleanser, toner, moisturiser, cotton wool, hair clips, lip balm, tweezers and hairband.

My other wash bag contains make-up products but you can also use these when going away on holiday so delicates like underwear can be kept in a wash bag, make-up brushes, perfumes….it all depends on how you want to use them really.

Catseye London – Deer on Rose Wash Bag – Texture

I think I’ve mentioned this in a previous post about another wash bag from Catseye London but I think the texture and feel of them is great, they’re so durable and tough but at the same time quite soft making them perfect for all occasions and uses!

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These will NOT rip or tear easily plus the outer lining of plastic means you can clean them so they’re always looking lovely! πŸ™‚

Catseye London – Deer on Rose Wash Bag – Purchase

You can purchase this lovely wash bag featured from Catseye London itself for just Β£15 – considering how tough they are and how beautiful the design is, it’s a bargain as you’ll be using it time and time again!

Perfect as a stocking filler or as a lovely gift! πŸ™‚

Deer on Rose Wash Bag – Click HERE

I always love reading your comments so let me know what you think of this adorable wash bag – do you love it as much as me??

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