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ClarinsMen Active Face Wash (Detox Foaming Gel) Review

ClarinsMen Active Face Wash (Detox Foaming Gel) Review


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ClarinsMen Active Face Wash (Detox Foaming Gel) Review *

Hello everyone, I hope you’re all well!

Over the past couple of months I’ve been getting more and more emails from male readers asking about Men’s Skincare products so I have finally gotten round to adding a Mens Skincare‘ section on the blog which is dedicated to all of you who have contacted me, for you who have boyfriends/husbands and even friends who can be a little bit difficult when it comes to skincare 😉

The very first post about Mens Skincare that’s going to be featured on here will be the ClarinsMen Active Face Wash (Detox Foaming Gel) – so with that little introduction all done, let’s get going with the review!

ClarinsMen Active Face Wash (Detox Foaming Gel) Review – Packaging

Clarins is known for their simplistic look and as you can see in the pictures above this comes packaged in a lovely coloured, deep blue box with contrasting red and white writing which attracts the eye to the ‘important‘ parts like the description of the product and how to use.

The wash itself comes in a tube and in contrast to it’s outer packaging comes in white with blue and red writing.

As with all Clarins products, everything has been thought through and the fact it’s in a tube means it’s easy to apply, no-fuss and of course hygienic!

ClarinsMen Active Face Wash (Detox Foaming Gel) Review – Texture

This is described as a ‘foaming gel cleanser‘ but it’s not your typical clear gel product, it’s more of a lightweight creamy gel and when it’s applied onto the skin it’s a cross between a cream cleanser and gel cleanser that foams ever so slightly.

As soon as this is applied onto damp skin there’s an immediate ‘cooling‘ effect that lasts all the way through the cleanse, it’s extremely revitalising making this perfect to use in the morning as a ‘wake me up‘ product and in the evening for that true ‘clean skin‘ feeling.

After patting skin dry the ‘cooling’ effect starts to fade and what you’re left with is skin feeling fresh, nourished and very clean.

Clarins Men Active Face Wash is a daily foaming cleanser. Removes impurities, leaves skin clean and fresh. This non-drying, refreshing gel is recommended for all skin types. Dermatologist tested

ClarinsMen Active Face Wash (Detox Foaming Gel) Review – After Cleansing

After cleansing, skin feels really fresh, clean and at the same time nourished and hydrated – it’s a non-drying product so you don’t need to worry about this being too harsh or stripping the skin of its natural oils .

This has been formulated with plant extracts so the combination of ingredients all work together an help to balance the skin.

The main thing that has stood out about this cleanser is how ‘cool‘ and ‘clean‘ it leaves skin feeling during the day, if you’re someone (or know someone) who works in warm/dry conditions then this cleanser will be perfect as it creates an invisible, lightweight barrier that protects skin and provides hydration throughout the day.

ClarinsMen Active Face Wash (Detox Foaming Gel) Review – How To Use

– Lather onto damp skin

-Massage onto face and neck to cleanse, revitalise and remove impurities

– Rinse skin & pat dry

– Follow up with a lightweight moisturiser.

ClarinsMen Active Face Wash (Detox Foaming Gel) Review – Overall

If you’re looking for a wonder product then this is it!

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This is a wonderful easy to use, no-fuss cleanser – it does it’s job and results can be felt and seen instantly.

As mentioned above this has been formulated using plant extracts and everything works together to balance and protect skin during the day – and evening!

Thinking of gift ideas or even as a stocking filler…look no further, this is a wonderful way to get men started on skincare or as another addition to products they currently use.

ClarinsMen Active Face Wash (Detox Foaming Gel) Review – Purchase

The ClarinsMen Active Face Wash can be purchased from the Clarins website for just £19.00 and considering what it does and how skin feels after use, it’s a good price! 🙂

Click HERE to view the ClarinsMen Active Face Wash

Click HERE to see the ClarinsMen Range

I always love hearing from you and seeing as this is the very first ‘Mens Skincare‘ post let me know what you think!

Do you have someone in mind that you think would enjoy using this?

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