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Canesten: Let’s Talk Health

Canesten: Let’s Talk Health


Canesten: Let's Talk Health 

Written By: Layla

Brand: Canesten®

Location: London, United Kingdom

Thrush isn't just a feminine issue. It's important to understand and focus on the issues which many people need to be aware of and thanks to Canesten® - in this article, we're opening up the conversation to both men and women.

Who Are Canesten?

Canesten® is one of the number one brands in Women’s Intimate Health category offering solutions for all common intimate conditions, as well as, everyday intimate care products.

It's market position provides the opportunity to educate women and men on intimate health matters whilst enabling them to self-diagnose and self-treat knowledgably and with confidence.

Canesten® are committed to constantly finding new ways of educating women and men to lead healthy lives, sharing knowledge and advice.

Let's Talk Health

One of the great things about having an online platform is being able to connect to people around the world in a positive way - in NO way should topics like this make people feel uncomfortable or embarrassed.

Canesten® believe that if we know more about intimate health, we'll then be better equipped to make the right health decisions and by featuring things online and in different articles like this, we can also help others.


Let's Talk Health With Canesten

What Is Thrush and Who Does It Affect?

Thrush is a common yeast infection and in fact, it's something which can affect both men and women.

This fungus is naturally found on the skin however when the natural balance is disturbed - it multiplies excessively.

Most Common Symptoms

Itchiness - Redness - Soreness

Who's Vulnerable To It?

There are different causes between men and women however below, you'll be able to see some of the most common causes which apply to both.

(These causes can make people more prone to the infection.)

Low Immune System

Recently Completed Course of Antibiotics

Diabetes Sufferer

You really do need to look after you body as much as possible.  If you look after you body, your body will look after you - especially your immune system.

Eat a healthy, balanced diet, drink plenty of water and listen to your body.

Let's Talk Health With Canesten


Links & Websites To Visit

For anyone who feels uncomfortable talking about or discussing Thrush then make sure you visit these links below.

One of the main websites to visit is the Canesten Website (listed further below) as this contains all the relevant information you need to know along with different treatment options.

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Information & Treatment Options

Here is the link for the Canesten Website

This has all the details and information that you need to know about Thrush - along with the different treatment options which are available.


So, even though it can sometimes be an uncomfortable discussion, topics like this are important to feature online as we all need to raise awareness and understand female and male health issues. Think about it, the more we all know and feature online - the more we can help others.

Did you know that Thrush is something which can affect both women and men? Do you feel uncomfortable when discussing issues / topics like this? Do you enjoy seeing online platforms raising awareness and is this something that you'd like to see more of online?

You know that I love reading all your comments so make sure you let me know what you think below... 🙂

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