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Let’s Update Your Wardrobe!

Let’s Update Your Wardrobe!


Let's Update Your Wardrobe

Written By: Sprinkles of Style

Location: London, United Kingdom

How long was your last wardrobe update? Was it that long ago that the clothes are starting to lack a little bit of colour and are slightly larger or smaller in size?

If you can say yes to any of the above then it's time to get your things together and have a little wardrobe update - there's no better feeling than clearing out your wardrobe and updating your clothes. This is one of the best times to organise your home and your wardrobe - that's why it's clawed Spring-cleaning after all! 😉

Everyone deserves a little treat from time to time and don't think you'll have to spend lots in order to update your style and wardrobe - as long as you shop in the correct places and actually browse in different stores along with buying classic, elegant pieces - you'll feel so much better and for many, so much more confident with a wardrobe update!

In this article, we've put together some of the easiest ways to update your wardrobe and all without much effort! Follow these tips and you'll be thanking us in the long-run! You're welcome 🙂

Casual Items

The main items that we wear on a day-to-day basis are usually casual items.

It’s rare that we get dressed up, other than for the odd meal out or a few cheeky cocktails so overall, the bulk of your wardrobe is going to be casual.

There's a few items that you need to make sure you've included though - one of them is definitely the humble skinny jean and preferably in a black colour (this is so Layla) as it something which looks good with every colour and for all occasions, simply switch flat shoes to heels.

Just make sure you have a few pairs of skinny black jeans in your wardrobe.

The next thing which we would recommend is a lovely summer dress - fitted or loose, it's up to you. For summer days (and evenings) we would recommend a maxi dress which again, looks great no matter the occasion.

Another thing which our Layla loves is a faux leather jacket - perfect for the weather at the moment when it's not too hot and not too cold. It's something which can be styled and worn in so many different ways too.

Finally, the must-have casual item is a Plain t-shirt as it looks great no matter what you're wearing. Pick a few different colours and choose lovely accessories to style it with. 

Forgotten Items

Us girls forget about a lot of things and for most - it's lingerie.

(Excluding our Layla, she shops all the time 🙂 )

We seem to go through phases where we buy some beautiful lingerie and then don't update for a month or so however when we do - it makes such a difference!

At Sprinkles of Style, we love browsing through different stores and website and recently, we've spotted the lingerie outlet store  which has a variety of pieces to suit the style and designs you like so it might be worth checking the site out from time to time when you're looking for an update.

We recommend choosing something which shows off your figure so that you feel more confident.

Just like the clothes you wear or with a pair of jeans, it's a good idea to change and update your lingerie every few months as this will make a difference to how you feel and update your style every few weeks.

Don't change your lingerie for the style of fashion-element of things, remember that lingerie material is one of the quickest materials to deteriorate over time due to the delicate fabrics and process which is used to create the designs.

So, it really is worth updating your lingerie every so often... 🙂

See Also


Shoes are the holy grail of your wardrobe along with handbags and you should have plenty of them!

(Take note from Layla - she loves shoes and handbags and has a whole shelving section in her wardrobe to store shoes and handbags!)

Trainers or sneakers are perfect for casual wear - they're great to wear everyday as they're comfortable and nowadays - there's plenty of lovely designs to choose from along with the ability to customise your shoes - Layla has a pair of trainers with her name on them too.

Heels - OK, every girl needs a pair of heels but if you're planning on wearing them day-to-day, take another note from Layla!

Choose a pair of good quality wedge heels which support your feet and are much more comfortable to walk on when compared to a thin heel. 

Thin heels are great for nights out or when you're going out to an evening meal.  


We all love reading your comments so let us know what you think about this post - do you love clearing out and updating your wardrobe?

What are your must-have items?

The Sprinkles of Style Team

x x

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